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Pick of the week: 15th - 21st December 08

From the happenings in serials, we pick the Top 3 popular ones..And we promise to keep a close eye on the story plot of shows, each and every week!

Published: Wednesday,Dec 24, 2008 11:11 AM GMT-07:00
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Pick of the week: 15th - 21st December 08

As yet another week passes by, we are back with All-Famous Pick of the week!! So get ready for the "Special Tadka"..

Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil:

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Pick of the week: 15th - 21st December 08
Scene of the Week: The scene where Prem, who had just two months before succumbed to his death among fire and ashes, emerges again from the ashes like a phoenix. Firstly he is depicted as a dark figure as his shadow falls on the desert sand of Rajasthan by moonlight. He sees a stumbling Heer at a distance, drops his travel bag, and takes off running towards her. Just before she collapses, he sweeps her into his arms as his finally his face is shown, and the words "Iss Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil" echoes in the background.

Style Icon of the Week: Prem and Heer. Its hard to believe it's the same businessman Prem Juneja. Prior to his death, we rarely saw Prem don anything but shirts and ties. This week, he returns with a completely different look, in complete black, cargo pants and a trench coat. If he was handsome and debonair in suit and tie, he does not disappoint in his new avatar. Carrying off the new look with utmost ease, the heart throb Prem returns!! Heer is finally clad in Solah Sringaar, though not for her Prem as she had always imagined. She dazzled, wearing a beatuful red and orange Rajasthani style lehnga with complementary traditional Rajasthani jewelry.

Dialogue of the Week: Heer finds out Rishabh's plans about the engagemen, and stands on the sandy dunes of Rajasthan desperately calling for her Prem to come and save her. She cries to the moon saying, "Nahi, nahi, nahi kar sakti main yeh sagaai….Main mar jaaoungi…Prem.  Mere lahu ke har katre mein tum ho.  Meri aatma mein tum ho.  Iss Heer mein tum ho, Prem. Main sirf tumhari hoon." She tells her Prem, that he is not only a part of her, but her very reason for existence. This was a beautiful moment because for the first time since Prem's departure, we saw Heer break down in his absence, and admit that she cannot continue living without him.

Blooper of the Week: Heer's dupatta miraculously grows to be ten feet long once Prem takes her into his arms. Why is it that this always seems to happen?  Her dupatta always gets a shot of growth hormone upon seeing Prem, and proceeds to become a barrier between the two…or is it bringing them closer?  Whatever the case, it never fails!


Pick of the week: 15th - 21st December 08
Scene of the Week: Tapasya comes to Iccha's room and gives her chocolate, chips etc..& Damini slaps Iccha for taking stuff from Tapasya...to which  Iccha & Tapasya ask Damini that what kinda difference is between them...It was such an innocent question & Damini was unable to say anything....A simple presentation of an emotional scene enacted and presented with a beauty.....
Style Icon of the Week: Tapasya, the rich yet humble and innocent kid has been winning hearts with her simple attire and good manerisims....

Dialogue of the Week: Tapasya says " Maa ne Iccha ko vapis bulaya humare saath khelne ke liye, lekin aaj kehti hai ki hum dono mein farkh hai aur ab aap bhi Iccha ko mana kar rahe ho humse kuch lene ke liye...aisa kya farkh hai hum dono mein.."... The dialogue was simple but had a high impact, and represented the innocence of the kid who raised the question not only to a emotional mother, but the whole society...

Blooper of the Week: Tapasya sneaks out of the house after couple of attempts... Tapasya resides in a "Haveli" filled with so many servants, but strange just once she was caught and none of the servants even saw her. The servants were so busy in their cleaning work that they failed to notice Tapasya??

Mata Ki Chowki:

Pick of the week: 15th - 21st December 08
Scene of the Week: The scene where Vansh Proposes Vaishnavi to remarry him... a beautifully shot scene where Vansh's parents are  witness when he proposes his wife... In perfect style, he goes on his knees and with a ring in hand!! Vainshnavi who had tears in her eyes as she initally thought Vansh is marrying his ex flame Natasha, is surprised by his decision. The icing on the top was when Mata Vaishnavi's smiling roop flashed back during the proposal....
Style Icon of the Week:  Vaishnavi, carried off her blue saree with some good beaded metallic embloidrie very well.. She really looked beautiful and her Sarees are definetely becoming style statement.

Dialogue of the Week: "Main toh Yeh Bhi Nahin Jaanta Jis Ladki se main Shaadi kar raha hoon woh mujhse pyaar karti hain ya nahin".. Before  Vansh proposed Vaishnavi, tears rolled down, but the dialogue left a confused reaction in his parents' face and a relieved reaction to the loyal audience who finally got a hint....

Blooper of the Week: A happy Vaishnavi runs when she dashes with her Bhabhi...and the flowers' tokri falls down, together they assemble it and put everything back, but couple of flowers are still left on the floor. However within a fraction of a second, when they got up the floor was clean and not even a dirt could be seen... Maybe a chamatkaar reaction of Vaishnavi's happiness... But that was spotted!!

:*:*Blooper of the Week Award :*:

This week's Blooper of the week award goes to the show Kumkum-Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan.

When Kumkum enters the Ashram where their previous Janam's Dadaji-Dadiji reside, the memorial board which had names of Sumit and Kumkum (created by Wadhwa family in their memory), is scrambled due to which nobody can read it. However in the morning the names become clear.... What a perfect timing for the names to get scattered!! May be just to drag a plot a bit more unless Kumkum recognises and meet her in laws of previous birth..

Spotted by: preethi

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Concept: Nishtha
Author: Shagun
Contributed by:khushix, nandini90, IndianPari, magicalmelody...
Banner credit: Nature
Logo/pic credit: khushix

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hussainjuhifan @hussainjuhifan 14 years ago why kumkum in :*:*Blooper
kumkum is no 1 show
kumkum is best show
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shabs_89 @shabs_89 14 years ago hey

i jus saw this now....LOL...wow....i am happy KDMHMD is in this....PREMEER deserve some recognition afta a long time...and blooper is too funny...''growth hormone'' LOL!!!

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martha @coolsawariya 14 years ago thanks.........................................
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dmgSallu @dmgSallu 14 years ago Thank god Harshad is back JAAN agiya wapas! lol
life of kis desh is back...ekta finally clocked! good bloppers! n ekta does the duppata thing to show love and for camera it looks good on camera effects etc...
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afreen @-Afreen- 14 years ago yayy..kis desh is back to *rocking-on* lol nicee bloopers btw heheh
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priya @Iriss 14 years ago prem''s eturn was an excellent scene oved each second of it n heer also ooked beautiful in rajasthani attire n the song of male version is just excellent awesome words ISS DES MEIN HAI MERA DILL soo happy

harshad has brought back life in kis des
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Hetal @ibelieveinpink 14 years ago I liked the scene between heer and prem! Kumkum dragging too much!!
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radhika_21 @radhika_21 14 years ago gr8 2 see kis desh mein hai mera dil!
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Marui Ansari @marui 14 years ago you said the all shows will get a turn- so when does Kasturi get a turn?
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ayushi @Ayushi_78 14 years ago Yes kis desh... simply rocks.I loved the prem heer scene.
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