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Parag Tyagi: Mahira is Spoiling Name of Her Family!

Shefali Jariwala’s husband Parag Tyagi talks about his wife and Bigg Boss in an exclusive chat with India Forums…


Parag Tyagi is a prominent actor and is known for his roles in shows like Pavitra Rishta and  Brahmarakshas. The actor is all praises for his wife, Shefali Jariwala, who entered the thirteenth season of Bigg Boss as wild card along with Khesari Lal, Hindustani Bhau, Tehseen Poonawala, Himanshi Khurana and Arhaan Khan.

In a recent interview, Parag got candid about the show and how the housemates are playing the game. He also criticised Mahira and other female contestants, who have ganged up against Sidharth.

Speaking about Shefali and Sidharth’s past, Parag revealed, “I’m very proud of her. It wasn’t surprising at all. We both know about each other’s past from day one. I felt nice because when you hide something then you somewhere start fearing about it and anyway you are not proud of it. It was very nice that she didn’t try to hide it and I’m with her and I really support her.”

He further added on the on-going feminism movement against Sidharth inside the house, “To be honest, Sidharth is a very strong contender but I respect women a lot and I don’t like people who don't respect ladies. I have only one complaint from Sidharth that he loses his cool and he doesn't realise how he talks then. I also support him in other ways, if five women pounce upon him then what do you expect him to do.

Sidharth has been targeted unnecessarily. I know Mahira would have been hurt but even she has done the wrong things. You can’t demean someone, if you can’t speak wrong for girls then you should also not speak wrong about men. Earlier, I was against Sidharth, even now I don’t like his thought process but even girls need to understand. If Sidharth is trying to ignore them then too these girls go after him and keep poking him.”

While sharing his opinion on Mahira’s behavior, he shared, “It was very wrong. I know what happened with her, I watched everything and she was only stopped from taking the box. She just needed some excuse to start a fight and make it big because she is aware that people only know her as Paras’ shadow."

And she is a very bad actress, if you are so badly hurt then you really can’t move but she started abusing the next moment. First, you walk like a cripple and then suddenly you are all fine. As I asked Sidharth to respect girls, similarly, I’m asking all the girls to respect everyone. While entering the house, she has stated that she hails from a respected and rich family then you should also have such etiquette and behavior. Showing their shoes to someone is not a symbol of a good family. I’m so sorry that I’m saying all this, I respect her parents completely but she is only spoiling her family name and not making her family proud,” he added.

On Paras nominating Shefali, “Paras is a kid, his reason was also childish. He respects me like his elder brother. Unfortunately, he never met Shefali until the show. I don’t have any complaints from him. It is for everyone’s career, I’ll never take anything personally. I can trust him and I know anytime if he feels Shefali needs him, he’ll stand by her,” he shares.

Talking about his wife Shefali and how much he misses her, Parag revealed “I miss her every moment. Normally, what happens is if she is sitting in another room then I go and tell her that baby I miss you. I just miss her every moment and now that she is inside the Bigg Boss house, I haven’t seen her for almost seven days. It happened for the first time that I’m not even getting to hear her voice. I watch her on the show but it doesn’t satisfy me. I’m very proud of her and I can miss you for 10 weeks, just win and come.” 

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