Pandya Store: Suman advises Chiku to curb his feelings for Isha to avoid relationship complications

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Pandya Store, Suman expresses concern, believing sharing family details might complicate relationships.

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Pandya Store

Tonight's Pandya Store episode opens with Natasha (Priyashi Yadav) expressing satisfaction to Dhawal (Rohit Chandel), remarking that everything is going well. In a playful moment, she slips and falls into Dhawal's arms, teasing him with cheek kisses and playfully suggesting that he deserves a good meal. The two collaborate in the kitchen, sharing quality time. While attempting to retrieve flour from a high cupboard, Dhawal accidentally spills it on both of them. They share a smile and affectionately clean off the flour, only to discover their curry is burnt. They laugh off the mishap together.

Simultaneously, Chiku is surprised to find Isha at the Pandya house at night. Isha complains about Chiku ignoring her calls and texts, expressing concern. Chiku, dreaming, urges her to leave to avoid problems with Suman. As Suman overhears his dream conversation, Chiku makes excuses and hurries away.

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The following day, Natasha and Dhawal prepare for college, and a comical moment occurs when their heads collide while reaching for books. Natasha suggests cooking again, but Dhawal reminds her of her office plans. Natasha proposes a dinner date, and Dhawal teases her about it being a "date" since they're going alone. She insists on getting Amba's permission for the date.

Dhawal seeks Amba's approval for the dinner date, but she suggests a family outing instead. Chirag advises Dhawal to take Natasha to a different place, prompting Amrish to sense an opportunity. Meanwhile, Isha visits Chiku and expresses her desire to meet Suman. Chiku decides to drop Isha off but is questioned by Suman about his feelings for her. Suman inquires if Chiku has feelings for Isha and mentions that she also holds a favourable opinion of her. However, Suman expresses concern, believing sharing family details might complicate relationships. Perplexed, Chiku questions why both Suman and Natasha are advising him to keep his distance from Isha. Bhavin hands Amrish papers, signed by Pranali and Dolly, urging him to get signatures from Dhawal and Natasha. Dhawal, captivated by Natasha, asks for her signature. The episode concludes with Amrish eagerly awaiting the signed papers, anticipating control over Pandya Store.

Precap: Natasha confronts Dhawal, expressing betrayal over his trickery in obtaining her signature and accusing him of breaking Pandya Store and their relationship. She declares that she gave their relationship a second chance after numerous challenges, only to be broken by Dhawal's actions.

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