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Pandya Store: Shiva’s unexpected move to save Pandya Store

After Shiva gets framed in a smuggling case, he makes an unexpected move to make sure that Pandya Store is saved.

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Courtesy : Disney+ Hotstar

Star Plus’ Pandya is riding high on success. The show is getting interesting with each passing episode. The current track revolves around Rishita’s father Janardhan framing Shiva in a smuggling of cumin case because of which along with Shiva, the entire Pandya family would suffer as it may result in the license of Pandya Store getting cancelled. Dhara asked Shiva and Raavi to elope before the police officers reach the haveli. Shiva and Raavi has reached Somnath.

Meanwhile Rishita refuses to believe that her father Janardhan is behind the entire conspiracy. She states that she will prove to everyone that her father is innocent. In the upcoming episode, Raavi and Shiva spend cute moments at home. Raavi makes sure that Shiva freshens up and eats food. Gautam along with Suraj are set to reach Somnath’s police station. But Shiva has a plan B to save Pandya Store.

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Shiva visits a lawyer and asks him to make documents which would suggest that he has been ousted from the property of the Pandya family. He asks him to write in the document that he is just a worker in Pandya Store and nothing more than that. With this move, Shiva wants to make sure that even if Gautam’s efforts don’t work, he would take entire blame on him and with the help of the documents, it will be proved that he has nothing to do with Pandya Stores as he is just an employee there.

Will Shiva’s plan work?

Only time will tell!

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mpks1 2 months ago Shiva is either responsible for a kaand or gets caught in one😂 Let’s see if his plan works this time. Kanwar Dhillon’s acting is a delight to watch on screen. He suits Shiva’s role to the T.
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AppleOfEye 2 months ago Shiva & his plans are always unexpected😂😂 Love ShiVi in Pandya Store
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raindropsroses 2 months ago Shiva and his plans 😂❤️
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Shivi_forever 2 months ago Love Pandya Store and the entire cast. Love Shivi
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