Pandya Store: Natasha turns down Dhawal's proposal

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Pandya Store, Dhawal lights an altar and confesses to Natasha, but she rejects his proposal, declaring the end of any relationship between them.

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Pandya Store: Natasha turns down Dhawal's proposal

Tonight's Pandya Store episode commences with Dhawal (Rohit Chandel) scattering raw materials on the road, reminiscing about his moments with Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav). Meanwhile, Natasha sits on the terrace, and Dhawal ascends using a ladder. He discovers Natasha dozing off, and upon her awakening, she is startled. Hetal tends to Amrish, inquiring about his headache and applying balm to his forehead. Memories of Pranali questioning Hetal about Amrish isolating her from her family for years flood his mind. Dhawal holds Natasha close, using a cloth contraption to slide down with her.

Dhawal, in an apologetic tone, confesses to kidnapping Natasha, acknowledging that she wouldn't have willingly met him. He expresses that he cannot find peace without properly seeking forgiveness from her. Amrish, feigning strength, dismisses his teary eyes as a reaction to the potent balm. Hetal follows suit, applying similar reasoning. Amrish defends his decision to marry Dhawal to Suhani, emphasizing that he aimed to mend Dhawal's broken heart and secure his future.

Arriving at the designated location, Natasha confronts Dhawal about his marriage to someone else, asserting that he has no claim on her as another woman's husband. Dhawal clarifies that the marriage was incomplete, and Natasha, witnessing familiar decorations, recalls their first date at a farmhouse. Hetal supports Amrish, acknowledging that his intentions are for the family's welfare, even if others fail to understand. Amrish instructs Hetal to serve food to Dhawal upon his return.

At the location, Dhawal lights an altar and confesses to Natasha that he has realized the uniqueness of their love. Kneeling down, he proposes to Natasha with a ring, expressing his desire to marry only her. Natasha douses the lit altar with water, stating that her heart is not a rented house for someone to come and go. She rejects Dhawal's proposal, emphasizing that she cannot accept him due to his tarnished character and the hurtful things he said about her. Natasha returns the ring, declaring the end of any relationship between them. The episode concludes with Natasha leaving.

Precap: Natasha questions Dhawal about the character assassination, suggesting she may have misjudged him. Dhawal, in a twist of fate, slips, injures his head and falls into a nearby pool.

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