Pandya Store: Natasha gets a legal notice, and Dhawal escapes from the hospital

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Pandya Store, Natasha is served with a legal notice while Dhawal escapes from the hospital.

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Pandya Store: Natasha gets a legal notice, and Dhawal escapes from the hospital

Tonight's Pandya Store episode commences with an unconscious Dhawal (Rohit Chandel) desperately calling for Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav), expressing his desire to apologise for making her cry. The Makwanas are startled by his condition and urgently summon a doctor. Meanwhile, Natasha appears lost in thought, prompting Suman to assign Isha to prepare a sweet dish for her first rasoi. Despite Isha's lack of cooking experience, Suman enlists Natasha's help. However, Natasha becomes emotional while cutting vegetables due to a thorn prick, leading Suman to sense that something else troubles her.

Dhawal's health worsens in the hospital, and lawyers deliver a legal notice to Natasha, revealing a clause demanding payment of 45 lakhs to Sandip for terminating his contract with Pandya Store's reconstruction. Natasha, shocked and recalling Sandip's manipulation, questions the feasibility, but the lawyer insists it's legally binding.

At the hospital, Amba blames Natasha for Dhawal's condition and curses her. Pranali, aware of Dhawal's situation, wants to inform Natasha, but Amba forbids it. Chiku discovers Natasha holding the legal notice, initially pretending it's an electricity bill, but he reads it and informs Suman. Natasha confesses about Sandip's deceitful contract. Meanwhile, Dhawal, distressed about his last conversation with Natasha, aimlessly walks on the road, colliding with a vehicle and falling.

The family is stressed about the legal notice at the Pandya house. Trying to lighten the mood, Isha serves Kheer for her first rasoi and jokes with Suman about receiving shagun. Chiku, however, remains indifferent, stating it's routine. Suman consoles Isha, acknowledging the family's worry due to the hefty payment demand. Sesh suggests selling the Pandya house, but Natasha vehemently opposes the idea.

Suman reassures Isha, and in distress, Isha calls Amba and shares the situation. Amrish disconnects the call abruptly. A nurse informs Dhawal of his disappearance from his room, and the episode concludes with Dhawal feeling dizzy on the road.

Precap: Amrish compels Natasha to sign a contract, stating she must stay at the Makwana house according to his wishes until she repays the 45 lakhs.

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