Pandya Store: Isha returns Dhara's bangles to Natasha

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Pandya Store, Isha returns Dhara's bangles to Natasha, revealing Yash's gesture during a marriage proposal, and Natasha shares this with Chiku.

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Pandya Store

In tonight's Pandya Store episode, Isha returns Dhara's bangles to Natasha, revealing Yash's gesture during a marriage proposal. Isha asks Natasha to convey that while a part of her heart remains with Chiku, she can't hurt her family. Amba warns Rohan not to prove innocence, citing Natasha's penchant for trouble. Dhawal notices Isha and Natasha hugging, prompting him to discuss suspicions with Rohan.

Rohan agrees to provide proof of innocence. Suhani urges him to come home, ignoring Amba's suggestion to eat first. Suman inquires about Natasha and Chiku. Chiku, bringing sweets, reveals he got a manager job. Natasha shares Isha's returned bangles and news of her impending marriage. Mittu suggests bringing Isha back, highlighting Natasha's pain and Chiku's suffering. Natasha updates on the Pandya Store renovation, expressing concern for Chiku. Chiku decides to seek revenge and leaves the Pandya house. Natasha pleads with Suman to help bring Chiku happiness.

Hetal notes Dhawal's lingering feelings for Natasha and proposes a respectful solution to unite them. Dhawal hesitates to enter the Pandya house and calls Natasha. Dhawal intervenes when Sandip disrespects Natasha. A fight ensues, shocking Natasha. Pandit sets the marriage date for the 25th, and Natasha confronts Dhawal about his actions. Amba warns Isha against talking to Chiku. The episode ends with Amba worrying about Dhawal's injuries and announcing the finalized marriage date.

Precap: Chiku fills Isha's hairline with his blood near a cliff. Dhawal blames Natasha for Isha marrying Chiku, expressing embarrassment for his family, and announces his haldi ritual with Suhani the next day.

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