Pandya Store: Dhawal uncovers Natasha's hidden Rakhi celebration

In the upcoming Pandya Store episode, Natasha and Hetal celebrate Raksha Bandhan, leading to a heated argument between Natasha and Dhawal.

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Pandya Store

Dhawal's arrival:

Tonight's Pandya Store episode commences with Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav) and Hetal joyfully celebrating Rakshabandhan. Although Hetal initially contemplates leaving, Natasha persuades her to stay and wait for her brother. Against Hetal's expectations, her brother arrives unexpectedly. In the meantime, Amba instructs Chameli to look after both of them in the house. Hetal is delighted to see her brother and proceeds to perform the Raksha Bandhan ritual for him. Emotions run high as everyone cherishes the rare opportunity for the siblings to celebrate together after many years. Hetal expresses her gratitude towards Natasha. Meanwhile, Mittu is shocked to find Dhawal there. Chameli, concerned, goes to the room to check on Hetal and Natasha. She overhears from outside of the room Hetal teaching Natasha how to wear a saree and reports this to Amba. But in reality, a recording of Natasha and Hetal was playing inside the room.

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Natasha and Hetal make it for Pooja:

The pandit urges them to begin the pooja, and Amba calls out for Hetal and Natasha. When they arrive, Natasha comes up with an excuse to explain their delay. Dhawal, visibly upset, glares at them as they join the pooja. The ceremony proceeds, with the couples performing the aarti together, but Natasha can't help but steal glances at Dhawal. During the ritual where wives are supposed to seek blessings from their husbands, Dhawal abruptly departs, and the tension between Natasha and Dhawal doesn't go unnoticed by everyone. Holding a hammer, Chiku (Sahil Uppal) harbours anger towards Pandya Store and vows to destroy it, but he's interrupted when Mittu arrives, and Chiku notices the Rakhi on their hands. Suman (Krutika Desai) inquires about the situation, and Shesh recounts what happened. Suman calls Natasha but is dissuaded by Mittu, who suggests she's likely occupied with the pooja. Chiku reminisces about his childhood Raksha Bandhan with Natasha.

Dhawal's accusations:

Natasha embraces Dhawal and expresses her gratitude for keeping their secret. However, Dhawal rebuffs her, accusing her of breaking family rules and expressing his anger. Meanwhile, Amresh observes Hetal's unusually cheerful mood and questions her about it, growing suspicious despite her denials. Dhawal confronts Natasha for going against the family and lying, but Natasha defends herself, asserting that a lie that doesn't harm anyone isn't really a lie. Dhawal disagrees, and a heated argument ensues about their families, leaving Natasha disheartened by Dhawal's unequal view of their respective families. Amresh notices the ring given by Hetal's brother and inquires, but Hetal lies, claiming she found it while cleaning. Dhawal interrupts and requests a private conversation with Amresh.


In the precap of Pandya Store, tensions escalate as Bhavesh and Pranali engage in a heated argument, with Bhavesh contemplating divorce. Pranali desperately attempts to stop him, but she falls down the stairs during their altercation and gets injured. Natasha, furious, challenges Bhavesh, vowing that no one will prevent him from facing the consequences.

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