Pandya Store: Amba confronts Isha about meeting Yash, resulting in a slap

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Pandya Store, Amba confronts Isha about meeting Yashvardhan Pandya, resulting in an emotional slap, while Isha defends her choice.

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Pandya Store

In tonight's Pandya Store episode, Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav) and Dhawal (Rohit Chandel) urgently cry for help, bound on the ground as a mysterious white liquid is poured on their faces. Chiku, amidst the chaos, proposes to Isha, revealing he'll confront Suman and win her approval. Isha, unsure due to the dire situation, questions Natasha's likely reaction. Chiku believes Natasha won't punish her brother for others and hints at revealing the truth to Suman.

As Isha hesitates, Chiku, interpreting her silence, attempts to retract the bangles but is stopped by Isha, who shyly agrees to his proposal—meanwhile, Amrish heads to the garden. A collision between Isha and Amrish occurs. Natasha and Dhawal, silenced by an unusual adhesive, ponder their escape. Dhawal remains determined to rescue Natasha safely.

In a forest, a fire burns, symbolizing Chiku's intent to retaliate against the Makwanas for harming Natasha. Amrish questions Isha about her whereabouts as she leaves, and they exchange stares. Meanwhile, Natasha and Dhawal find themselves surrounded by a circle of fire, their fate uncertain. Amba confronts Isha about her meeting with Yashvardhan Pandya, leading to an emotional slap.

With Natasha and Dhawal struggling in a fiery puddle, Amba's anguish intensifies. Isha faces Amba's wrath, explaining Yash's role and presenting Dhara's bangles. Amba, distraught, contemplates self-harm. Amrish berates Chiku's suitability, with Bhavin echoing the sentiment. In the face of adversity, Isha defends her choice, drawing parallels to Bhavin's own marriage. Natasha and Dhawal, in their challenging predicament, cling to each other.

Precap: Dhawal expresses gratitude for Natasha's rescue, setting the stage for Amrish's conditional offer to release Dhawal from his promise.

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For a moment I really thought about ye yash kaun hai
Phir samjh me aaya they're talking abt cheeku

4 months ago

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