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Pandya Store actors Kinshuk Mahajn, Shiny Doshi and Kanwar Dhillon on clocking 100 episodes

The show will be celebrating the completion of 100 episodes on 20th May 2021 and here's what actors have to say about it.

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pandya store

Pandya Store, has kept the audiences hooked with its stellar storyline! Not only does the show have a great story, but the actors on board have also put in all their efforts to give their viewers the best time! The show, even after the change in the time slot has managed to grab a lot of eyeballs along with the loyal audiences who are completely hooked to the show. The show will be celebrating the completion of 100 episodes on 20th May 2021.

Lead Actor Kinshuk Mahajan says, "It is a happy moment for all of us to have completed 100 episodes but moreover I want to thank our fans & audience who have constantly kept supporting us and showering us with their love. What could be a better way than celebrating this milestone by thanking each member of the cast and crew. They are the real hands behind making this show a success. The entire unit puts their heart and soul into making sure we engage the audience with each episode. My heartiest congratulations go out to the Channel, Producers, Co-actors, and our entire crew. We promise to continue entertaining our fans and audience with some fantastic drama in the coming days.”

Shiny Doshi who plays Dhara in Pandya Store says, “We are all extremely happy to celebrate the completion of our show’s 100th episodes. This is a moment of celebration for all those involved in the making of the show, after all, completing a century is always a big deal. I thank the Channel and the Producers for giving me this wonderful opportunity to play the character of Dhara. I am enjoying doing the show as it is yet another learning experience for me. I believe that the success and love that we have received until now is owed to the brilliant work put in by the entire cast and crew as a team together. We thank the fans & audience for their continuous and undying support and look forward to building a stronger relationship with them in the future. The set is beaming with good vibes and happiness, and it is a very satisfactory feeling as an actor for me.”

On this special occasion, the talented Kanwar Dhillion said, “It is a sheer pleasure to be a part of this show. It has delivered its promise of being a complete family entertainer. I am excited with the way viewers and friends are appreciating the track. We are 100 episodes down and many more to come. We want our fans to love us more and more each day. It is really overwhelming to be a part of such a successful show. We are moving towards an interesting phase in the story and I look forward to the continued support of the audience. I would personally like to thank all the viewers & fans for showering so much love on Shiva & the unconditional support every day. This is easily one of my most enjoyable & best professional phase so far! I feel blessed & grateful to be a part of such a show which has a brilliant team of actors & technicians who work together to create magic as a family.”

Every actor onboard has made its way into audiences’ hearts and so has the show and we wish the team all the best!

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by_stander 4 months ago 100 episodes completed and many more to come!
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SlytherInMe. 4 months ago Congratulations to the entire case and crew of Pandya Store !! We love you all
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spdp 4 months ago Congratulations Team Pandya!
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raindropsroses 4 months ago Congratulations to the entire cast and crew! ♥️ Hope you all reach so many more milestones!
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ms.ObseSSeD 4 months ago Congratulations!!!!! This was my first show back after not watching any for a really long time!! Let's hope the future journey is also just as amazing
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Miss_SR 4 months ago Soo well deserved! Congratulations to the whole cast for 100 episodes! Such a beautiful and talented cast. Loving Shiva and Raavi alot!
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BabyYoda007 4 months ago Congratulations Pandya Store Team. Stay safe! Love ShiVi!
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Raingoddess 4 months ago Aww I love this cast!! Such a beautiful and talented ensemble ❤️❤️❤️ Keep up the good work!!
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mpks1 4 months ago Love the cast of Pandya Store! They are all doing an amazing job!
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milkcakejamun 4 months ago You all deserve this and much more! Thank you so much for entertaining us, and hope there's many more celebrations to come in the future!
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