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Pandya Store 23rd September 2023, written update: Amba plays wrong to defame Natasha

In tonight's episode of Pandya Store, Natasha wins the Dahi Handi competition despite family tensions, but her torn T-shirt becomes a focal point for traditionalist criticism.

Published: Saturday,Sep 23, 2023 06:17 AM GMT-06:00
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Pandya Store

In tonight's episode of Pandya Store, the excitement begins with the Dahi Handi competition. Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav) and Dhawal enthusiastically take part in the event. However, Amba seems determined to control the situation, discouraging anyone from cheering for Natasha. Her actions reflect the traditional mindset that has taken root in the Makwana family. On the other hand, Kaki openly criticizes Natasha for participating as a woman, emphasizing her newfound Makwana identity. Suman (Krutika Desai), ever the voice of reason, counters this negativity by highlighting that Natasha's victory could bring honour to both families. Amidst all this drama, Amresh watches Natasha and Dhawal with a sneer, hinting at his disapproval.

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Amresh will provide Chiku with a supervisory role:

Amba seizes the opportunity to instigate Urmi against Natasha. She portrays Natasha as a disobedient individual who always follows her own desires, and she tries to recruit Urmi for a common cause. Meanwhile, Kaki raises a contentious issue of favouritism between Chiku (Sahil Uppal) and Chutki, suggesting it's because Chiku is not biologically related to the family. Suman admits her bias, which profoundly affects Chiku. Chiku overhears this conversation and decides to distance himself from the Pandya family, even contemplating a reckless act. However, Amresh intervenes, temptingly offering a supervisory role in his upcoming mall project.

Natasha's torn t-shirt:

In a thrilling twist, Natasha wins the Dahi Handi competition but is oblivious to her torn T-shirt. In the sake of hugging Natasha, Urmi pulls off her t-shirt intentionally with scissors. Unaware of the situation, Natasha dances off in celebration of her win. Eventually, everyone notices, and Dhawal rushes towards Natasha to help her from the wardrobe malfunction. Amba seizes this opportunity to criticize Natasha and emphasizes the importance of adhering to the Makwana family's traditions and values. 


The precap of Pandya Store teases an intense confrontation between Amba and Natasha as Amba accuses her of tarnishing the Makwana family's reputation. Natasha, undoubtedly, has a fiery response ready. The episode promises more gripping drama and family dynamics in the upcoming segments.

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