On World Environment Day: Sharad, Ajay, and Abhishek say let’s go eco-friendly!

Celebrities talk about the eco-friendly measures they undertake on a daily basis to do their bit. Take a cue:

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Sharad Malhotra Abhishek Ajay Chaudhary

More than anything else if there is one thing this devastating pandemic has taught us, it is the importance of respecting and taking care of Environment. For years, the goodness of Nature is being misused. The growing exploitation of natural resources for our own good has resulted in shortage of water, many species going extinct, and increasing pollution leading to health hazards. While many have been putting in efforts to save Earth, there are still others who are yet to do their part. Celebrities talk about the eco-friendly measures they undertake on a daily basis to do their bit. Take a cue:  

Sharad Malhotra

I don’t use plastic bags because it is harmful for nature and animals. Plastic creates a lot of pollution, so I always carry my own paper or cloth bag whenever I step out to shop for clothes, essentials or groceries. Apart from that I love plants and enjoy doing home gardening. In my hometown, we have a small garden. I 

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Abhishek Kumaarr

There are a few lifestyle changes that we can do to protect our environment. Reduce, reuse, and recycle are keywords. Cut down on what you throw away, reuse water, paper etc, volunteer for cleanups in your community. The next thing is to educate. The more you know, the more you can help others to learn what they can do to save our planet. Conserve water. Choose sustainable and biodegradable products. Shop wisely, use long-lasting light bulbs and plant trees.

 Ajay Singh Chaudhary

We have to do many things if we want to save our planet. Avoid using plastic. In fact plastic should be banned. Plant trees and save water. I remember watching this interesting documentary titled Seaspiracy on Netflix, do watch that for a better understanding of the hazardous impact fishing industries have on oceans. If you don’t save our water bodies and do not stop throwing garbage into seas, oceans, ponds, rivers etc, then we are actually destroying mother Earth slowly. Plant trees in your neighbourhood, maintain a small garden and give plants as gifts. It’s time we take proper care of the environment.

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Ajay Chaudhary

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Sharad Malhotra

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Comments (4)

Saving soil, saying no to unnecessary use of environment harming things.

1 years ago

There is only one Earth and we must preserve the nature for our future. Say NO to plastic!

1 years ago

Apart from profession,actors r environ concerned by creating awareness and following that on own

1 years ago

Well said, we shouldnt use plastic, we all should use paper bags or jute bags. Here if we use grocery store's plastic bags then we get charged 5 cents per bag.

1 years ago

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