Nupur Alankar's name game

Nupur Alankar has been smiling to herself over the game of names happening in her life…

Nupur Alankaar
, who plays the role of Damayanti in Sony's Jeet Jayenge Hum and Shobhana in Colors' Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam, is getting amused a lot over names lately…

Says Nupur, "It's funny you know, in both of my shows, my characters are named Mrs. Shukla! In Jeet Jayenge Hum I'm Mrs. Damayanti Shukla and in Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam I am Mrs. Shobhana Shukla. The other thing I noticed is that in the Sony show, my husband's name is Madhav and in YPNHK my son's name is Madhav (laughs)."

Nupur adds, "Not many people know but Amit Dolawat was almost confirmed to play Madhav. However, due to reasons Puneet Tejwani was chosen. Why I'm telling this is because if he would've got chosen, that would've been another co-incidence as Amit Behl is playing the character of my onscreen husband. It's like all the names are coming in pairs in my life!"

Nupur is thankful that in the sixteen years of her career, she has never had to sit idle except for the three months that she got hurt. She says, "I've been in this industry for so long but I have never had the time where I've been jobless. The only time I was sitting idle was when I had hurt my knee and had to use the wheelchair for three months after Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat. Otherwise you know what they say- 'Out of sight, out of mind'. But thankfully I have never been out of sight."

Nupur is happy there is a change in the genre of her character. "For a change I'm playing a positive character in YPNHK. Feels good to have this change," she signs off.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (3)

she started working in kaun apna kaun paraya and have gone strong after tht

14 years ago

She is a good actress and looks better in positive roles!!!

14 years ago

I watched this serial a few times but not anymore. I just did not find the storyline or characters to be appealing or compelling. Unlike other serials I watch, I did not look forward to watching it nor did I miss it on the days it doesn't air.

14 years ago

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