Nitish Bharadwaj Reveals He Wasn't Keen On Playing Krishna's Role

Mahabharat's Nitish Bharadwaj reveals he wasn’t keen on playing Krishna at first because it was a ‘too great’ role and responsibility for him

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Nitish Bharadwaj

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus lockdown, we are re-witnessing some of the classic Doordarshan shows on our television. The list includes Ramayan, Mahabharat, Chanakya, Shaktimaan, Byomkesh Bakshi and Circus among others. Unsurprisingly, the telecast of almost all these shows witnessed massive TRPs, especially that of Ramayan and Mahabharat

In a recent interview, Nitish Bharadwaj of Mahabharat revealed how he underwent screen tests for other characters of the show but fate had some other plans for him. Soon after, Ravi Chopra offered him the role of Krishna, he was sceptical to play such a great role but after giving a screen test Nitish was selected among 55 people. “I was cast for the role of Vidur earlier, but suddenly someone else was given the role of Vidur in my place. I knew Ravi and we also did films together. When I went and asked Ravi, Ravi said that you are now 23-24 years old and Vidur will get old after a few episodes. It won't suit you,” said the actor.

He added, “After this, I had no job. After some time I got an offer again. I was being cast as Nakula in the show. I refused to do that. I wanted to play Abhimanyu, I told Ravi then he said that he will think. After some time I was called for screen test of Krishna's role but I refused. I told him that for the role of Krishna you need an experienced human being. How can you give the role of a great man to a new person? So he told me that you wanted to do a good role once you do a screen test. Just then did I give a screen test and it was final.” Well, the rest, as they say, is history.

Amid the re-run of the epic show Mahabharat, Nitish Bharadwaj also recently made his social media debut to thank his fans for all such amazing response and all the love. 

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