Nimisha Vakharia to enter Zee's Shree..

Nimisha Vakharia, popularly known as Kokila Ben will be soon entering Zee's Shree as Kangana's mother..

Nimisha Vakharia, popularly known as Kokila Ben of Teen Bahuraniyan is now all set to play the very important role of Kangana's mom in Zee TV's Shree, produced by Hats Off Productions.

According to our source, "The present track of Kangana playing havoc, by getting into the body of Shree's sister Bindiya (Madhurimma Tuli) will end by the beginning of next week. With Bindiya's exit, we will be introducing a new character Putli Bai, who is mother of Kangana (Vibha Anand).   

In the final action sequence, Kangana will leave Bindiya's body and get into the body of Hari (Pankaj Singh Tiwary). "There will be a major fight sequence between Hari and Shree in which Shree will win and Kangana will be left with no other option but to leave Hari's body and go out of his life forever", adds our source.

With all well in the Raghuvanshi family, the family members leave the Purani Khoti and go back to their house. "After they go out of the Khoti, there will be seen an old woman entering the Purani Khoti and crying her heart out. She will be Putli Bai, Kangana's mother and the role will be essayed by Nimisha Wakharia", confirms our source.

"Putli Bai will enter the Raghuvanshi house in disguise, as Sarla Ben. She has come with a motive in mind, and with her entry, the family will again get into a bad phase which will ultimately lead to the death of one of the family members. Nothing more has been decided as of now, but we will be entering a critical phase in the show which will have all the intrigue and mystery", states our source.

We called up Nimisha Wakharia who confirmed the news, and said, "I am doing the role of Kangana's mother in the show. I will be starting shoot from tomorrow, and my entry will be aired in the coming Tuesday's  episode. I had a pleasant break after Teen Bahuraniyan, and had gone with my family to a tour of USA. I am now shooting for Baa Bahu Aur Baby, which will relaunch in the coming months.. This role in Shree interests me a lot as I have not done such a role till now".

Guess it's the turn of Kangana's mother now to make life miserable for Hari and Shree!!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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ya its time for irritating kangana's mum nw gawd its really annoying dat in evry show der is no big place for happiness eva srsly


14 years ago

Shree is getting more interesting by the day.

14 years ago

Finally,kuch to thik hua....but once again same thing...yaar ye log kabhi khush nahi reh sakte...

14 years ago

Hands down, this will be great new twist!

14 years ago

arre yaar band karo plz plz... yeah kya naya musibath hai?? I think tis serial specializes in showing faces only...hamesha kisika muah dikate rahete....i HATE TIS SERIAL. my mom watches so i hav to suffer...let hari & shree live in peace & let us also live in peace. toooooo much of rubish in the name of jadoo toona.. IS SERIAL SA HAME BACCHOOOOOAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 years ago

great...why cant a show survive without a vamp ...!! another one! hope nikki dies

14 years ago

nooooo yaar
abhi to sab kuch right hua hai

14 years ago

Ohh no........another conspirator!! guess TV world will never change.

14 years ago

Why is the track of Shree getting more and more interesting. My mother always say me not to watch a horror show but Shree is awesome. Love watching it.

14 years ago

But if she is kangna's mom each radhuvanshi know her na!!!! As kangna was badi bahu of house..

14 years ago

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