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New entry in Dill Mill Gayye...

Asif Sheikh enters the Star One show as Dr. Armaan's flirtatious dad...

Published: Saturday,Mar 07, 2009 17:34 PM GMT-07:00
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Star One's Dill Mill Gayye is going in for another twist with a new entry. Veteran film and television actor Asif Sheikh who was last seen in SAB TV's Yes Boss has joined Dill Mill Gayye as Dr. Armaan's dad.

New entry in Dill Mill Gayye...
"He is in the show to help him in his quest to win over Riddhima. He is the uninvited dad who will make things worse for Armaan as he is the flirtatious Casanova kind of a guy who checks in every woman who comes his way.  He is a young and flashy guy and people will get a dose of comedy as he enters Dill Mill Gayye", quips our source. 

According to the track, "Asif Sheikh who is a lenient and friendly dad to Dr Armaan comes to know about Riddhima and quizzes Dr Armaan about it. On the other hand Dr Shasank who by now has already approved the relationship wants to meet Asif to know more about Dr Armaan's family, but eventually he will realize that if this is the kind of family he wants his daughter to go, then he should really think twice", adds our khabroo.

Are you ready for the total mad fun comedy track that will be explored as Asif joins Dill Mill Gayye??

Find out if his dad can help Dr Armaan to reach his goal, this Monday, March 9 PM at 8:30 pm only on Star One.

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RobzBabe @.anjz. 14 years ago TJ... paagal ho gaya hai???!!!
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yamini lovs ksg
yamini @yamini lovs ksg 14 years ago i am waiting for unfolding of the twist really good
hope it gets us laugh a little
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anjaly @crazy4amy 14 years ago huh???
MyAMMY''s DAD?????????
oh god!!!
y r u doin this to me???
m unable to vach the epi...:(:(:(
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nysa143 @nysa143 14 years ago You don''t have any right to me call abnormal....Did I comment on you?...Next time before writing anything think twice and write....

If u think that Shipla is good....It is good for you...

I know this is free forum....U an write anything....First give respect to people....

Sound like u are abnormal...don''t know what u are writing...
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Khushi Ghai @Khushi. 14 years ago Wow man..Now the story would get so interestin....ammm i m lovin it!
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ROFLOL @ROFLOL 14 years ago Omg.!! Mr vinod verma as his dad lol i have always loved him since yes boss days....!! Its gonna be so much fun thanks ..
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Sonia @Sarah9bella 14 years ago i think it will be a great fun in upcoming week
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Aliza @-Aliza- 14 years ago Seriously, can this show get any stupid?!!! Just when I think that the craetives will come up with something good!!
Finally they bring armaan''s dad into the picture but that too had to have a comic touch! Wasn''t armaan''s dad supposed to be a an alcoholic doctor?
Creatives you should end the show before you do any more blunders!!
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Krupa @-Krupa- 14 years ago i love how every DMG related topic turns into shilpa vs. sukirti

NO WAYY!..i watched yess boss on TV Asia when I was little, it was soo funny!..
what i don''t like is how DMG isn''t what it used to be, now it''s turned into a comedy show..it used to be a drama..
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Jiyaaa..... @Jiyaaa..... 14 years ago @KASH_4Ever..

You say that you don''t wach DMG ..HAve you seen Sukriti acting?..Watch her episode...then say that She is not good actress...

It is good that you love shipla...but that does not mean that you have to degrade sukriti
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