New entries in Chota Packet..

After two wild card entries last week, Ek Se Badkar Ek will see some new faces this week too, with Ananya and Armaan join the gang...

After Aamer and Ehsaas entered as wild card entrants in Zee’s Ek Se Badkar Ek, Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka, there is another surprise lined up for the viewers as the Boogie Woogie girl Ananya Shukla and Daboo Malik’s son Armaan are the new faces entering the show this week.

“Ananya has been in Boogie Woogie earlier and had won a price also. Armaan needs no introduction and they are the new participants in the show,” says our khabroo.

All the participants were prepared for the wild card entries. “They had no idea of who it will be, but they were aware that there will be two new entrants. And after the names were announced, these participants took it sportingly,” adds our source.

However, the crowd and participants continue to be unhappy with the panel of judges. “Rakhi and Annu are upfront and straight which is not many a times liked by other contestants. Kunal is at least soft when it comes to giving remarks,” concludes the source.

It’s going to be a big dhamaka in the coming episodes of the show… Let’s see who wins the battle.

Author and Reporter: Rachana Trivedi

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i loved armaan in srgmp lil champs!
lets see how good is this armaan malik!

15 years ago

ooo... another armaan mallik... lets see how good he is...

15 years ago

wasnt armaan on SRGMP lil champs 2006?

15 years ago

omg armaan!!! i havent seen him in like forever!!! cant wait!

15 years ago

why do people expect them to be soft... This is a dance reality show and not some kids stageshow where everything has to be let go. Understandable they are kids.

15 years ago

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