Neha Dinesh Anand receives praise from Elvish Yadav on the show; assures her she is worthy of finding love

Neha had one of the sweetest and encouraging chats, with internet sensation and Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner Elvish Yadav!

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Temptation Island is currently enjoying a great run and fans love watching the tests and efforts to find love. One of the tempters winning hearts among the audience is actress Neha Dinesh Anand. While living in the villas of the show comes with its various challenges, Neha had one of the sweetest and encouraging chats, with internet sensation and Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner Elvish Yadav!

In the recent episodes, Elvish appeared as a guest and interacted with the contestants of the show. Neha Dinesh Anand had the chance of having an up-close chat with Elvish regarding her time on the show so far, and whether she is able to make good connections with one of the boys in her villa. Neha expressed how she has no connections so far, and is still in the process of trying to form connections.

Neha went on to say that she’s no one’s first option, yet she hasn’t been chosen as she hasn’t put any effort, and Elvish expressed his absolute shock over the same! He also encouraged Neha, and assured her that she is beautiful and capable enough and will certainly form a connection on the show. He reminded her that she should definitely keep trying. Their conversation also had its fair share of humour, which the audience loved, and many fans even shared a video of their conversation on social media. Neha certainly has many stand-out qualities, which is why the much-loved Elvish showered her with compliments and motivation.


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For the unversed, Neha Dinesh Anand is an actress as well as a commercial pilot. Her soon-to-be-released film Joon, directed by Barnali Ray Shukla, where Neha plays the titular role, has already created a massive buzz & won a lot of awards in the Indian & international film festival circuit! “As Neha continues her journey on Temptation Island, fans are rooting for her to

Soon, form a solid

Connection and hopefully, finally, find her Shahrukh Khan on Temptation island India!”

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