Naina has her task cut out in Sapnon Se Bhare Naina

It's going to a clash of ideologies between Naina and Abhi's mother in the Star Plus show..

With the entry of Abhi's mother Minu mousi (Sujata Thakkar) in Star Plus' Sapnon Se Bhare Naina, a new chapter in Naina's (Parvati Vaze) life opens up.

The story will now focus on the manner in which Abhi's (Karan Sharma) mom gets to know the relationship between Naina and Abhi and what transpires later will be the track ahead.

A little birdie tells us, "Naina has accepted the love of Abhi as she feels that he is a nice guy and is in love with her. However, Naina has not fallen for him. Meanwhile, Naina will face problems coming from Minu Mousi as she comes from the old school of thoughts. Naina will try her best to please the lady by surpassing her own ethics. And in the process, she will realize what true love is".

When contacted, Parvati Vaze told us, "Yes, with Abhi's mom's entry, there are going to be certain interesting moments between the two".

Meanwhile, a heartbroken Daksh (Gaurav Bajaj) will lead a pained and dejected life but will not open his feelings to Naina.

Will Naina and Daksh identify the love for each other?

Catch the coming twists in Sapnon Se Bhare Naina..

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


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Ranjinikishan 9 years ago kriti i know daksh is a good boy. u love abhi & good for u but kya kare naina does not love abhi na. ssbn is about our dakshna a pair made in heaven
kriti68 9 years ago @ranjini...daksh is good boy ...but i love abhi...i wish daksh get some nice girl soon,...;)
ana56 9 years ago i would love to watch dakhsh and naina s love story with romantic scenes
abhi is so dumb
i hate guys like abhi
he s so irritating
daksh rocks
Ranjinikishan 9 years ago @ kriti68: though u feel bad after reading my comment, i want to tell this. u better stop watching ssbn. coz u r talking about daksh's courage. i think u have not seen from the begining of ssbn & u dont know the value & power of daksh.
kriti68 9 years ago hey we want naina to get married with ABHI ..he is the right guy for her...Daksh is so dumb he dnt have courage to say i love you..and i dnt like guys who cant say these three lines to a girl whom they love ...
soapbubble 9 years ago Thanks for this news and please continue to give us updates on SSBN - it's a lovely serial that is not getting its due because of the time slot but it has a steady, growing audience who are very attached to the story and characters.
arshiya_17 9 years ago i hope she realize her love for daksh soon !!!!
i want to see daksh n naina's romance nt abhi n naina's :S
luv_virmaan 9 years ago thanks minu mousi... atleast u r clever enough to bring naina and daksh together unlike ur son...
sonisaim 9 years ago finally naina will realize her love for daksh.they both look very good especially naina is very beautiful.
-BrokenDreamer- 9 years ago Ohoo Nice...I Hope This tRACK gONNa Realise Naina Her Love for Dakshu..I wanna see Daksh Smiling..Love His SO Adorable Smile...Haye...
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