#NachBaliye8: This week's elimination will SHOCK you...

Any guesses for who it is?

The D-Day is back again and it is time for 'Nach Baliye 8' (Star Plus) to announce its third elimination.

We saw Siddharth Jadhav and his wife Trupti bid adieu to the show in the first elimination and soon after Utkarsha Naik made an exit from the show with hubby Manoj Verma in the second elimination.

Now, making a shocking exit this week will be Pritam Singh and Amanjot!

This week was a 'prop special round' where Abigail Pandey and beau Sanam performed a 'water act' and scored the highest i.e. 30 marks.

Pritam and Amanjot mesmerised the audience and judges with their sizzling performances and were one of the highest scoring performers until the last week.

Will you miss Pritam and Amanjot in 'Nach Baliye 8'? Leave in your comments below!


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Siddharth Jadhav

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Utkarsha Naik

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Pritam Singh

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Nach Baliye 8

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Comments (28)

Hehehaha !!
Well the audience are very well aware of who is gonna be in top 4 !
I better not mention the names as here elimination is done on the basis of how popular the Jodi is not how they are performing !
I m not pin pointing at any Jodi but a overlook at each performance can draw a conclusion on how the elimination is done !
Anyway all the best to Jodi's performing
But I wish NB should choose the one who deserves the title .

7 years ago

So sp is always biased . Really saddened news that preetjot got eliminated.

7 years ago

Divek didn't perform together last week. To perform well or not is the second thing then how can the other couple get eliminated ... it is quiet biased

7 years ago

Divek should eliminated instead of pritam amanjot ...Biased channel

7 years ago

This s so sad . though they non dancers they were hard working and learning . last week pritam monaya divek and aksha performed on one day and all 3 scored 27 28 with only pritam scoring less . So with low scores and other 3 strong jodis on same day voting it must have failed them der . star plus could have shown their dance on first day . anyway best of the luck to the couple. It shows one bad performance u r out ..
Happy happy for sanam and it was long due . they deserve this 30
Abt biasedness and divek , in past 3 weeks of scoring not even one week divek were least scored , yes they r not best but they dance to level they r safe and descent , first week monaya scored least second siddarth third pritam . so how does divek involve here . stop ur obsession over divek hatred and start supporting ur favs.. divek never were lowest , they were not best but descent enough to be safe . and last week they got 27 and this week improved with 29 . so just because they r popular tat doesn't mean they should be eliminated. Stop ur blind obsession . divek or monaya has nothing to do with this.

7 years ago

Monaya is working hard and improving each week. They did Tango last week and got 28. Did you even watch their performances? This week they got 29. And deserve it.So I don't understand some people saying that the popular couples should get eliminated, atleast not Monaya.

7 years ago

Thats why NB is not getting the TRPs as viewers know how biased your channel is ..

7 years ago

I think it will be Monaya who will because star plus was offering them the show since long time and DiVek will be 2nd. Just a guess and no offence to fans of either parties

7 years ago

I guessed it may be Mona jodi /pritam jodi...we can even predict top3 like this... And it is evident who will win...such a waste of time...only bearing it for my babies sanam and Abigail...happy for them they got 30...its a birthday gift for sanam

7 years ago

DIVEK all the way and Sanaya and Mohit are my two fav... dont care about others

7 years ago

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