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Nach Baliye 3 - Highs & Lows in Week 2

Telly Buzz brings to you, a Weekly Review of the Celebrity Couples' Dance Competition, Nach Baliye!

Published: Monday,Oct 01, 2007 10:14 AM GMT-06:00
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Yeh Nach Nahin Aasan.. and it truly was, not easy! Few shocks, some surprises and an elimination.. Nach Baliye 3 - Week 2.

The 3rd season of Nach Baliye promised to be bigger & better. With conceptual themes and tasks in the upcoming weeks, it sure seems 'big' on being 'tough' for the participants. Better? The jodi's might not agree to that. The theme for the 2nd week, as Sweta explained, was 'Western dance on Indian beats' or 'Indian dance on Western beats'! Confusion?? No..it was Fusion! So, did the jodi's live upto the theme, judges' & viewers' expectations?

The episode began with Karan-Kavita's performance, which turned out to be rather lacklustre after a promising run in their first week. Vaibhavi Merchant went on to call it a 'horrible performance' and blamed the choreographer for the debacle. If the first performance of the evening was a disappointment..fortunately, the 2nd performance came as a surprise to many. Vikas-Amita's attempt at classical dancing wowed the judges and audience alike. The couple received great compliments from the judges and good scores too! What followed next was an absolute shocker! At start, Kiran & Ritu's performance looked promising, but unfortunately, Ritu blanked out! As per rules, they were not allowed a retake and subsequently got very low scores. An emotional moment for everyone, when Kiran broke down and confessed that he never knew he had such good friends who supported him, despite it being a competiton.

Nach Baliye 3 - Highs & Lows in Week 2
Next came Pooja-Hanif, and back were the smiles! Dressed as Menaka, Pooja went all out to entice Baba Hanif. Theirs was a delightful performance, which was, as Vaibhavi put it - 'fusion in the true sense'. Shivangi's inability to perform (due to an injured back) had Shakti Kapoor perform with his choreographer. Aamir-Sanjeeda, once again, stole the show with an extraordinary performance..combining a classical song with western dance steps, their prop - a table! In return, they got a standing ovation & a rightly deserved score of 30! Sweta-Alex & Rakhi-Abhishek followed it up with wonderful performances and won praises from the judges. Next were Karan-Amita & Krushna-Kashmera's performances, which were rather disappointing.

In the 2nd round, what came across to most was the obvious biasness towards Shakti Kapoor! Why was he allowed to perform without his 'baliye'? In view of a similar situation in Nach Baliye 2, when Shweta-Raja had to bow out of the competition as Raja was hospitalised & was unable to perform..it was only right, and fair to the other contestants, that Shakti-Shivangi voluntarily opt out. After all, its 'Nach Baliye' - dancing with one's real life partner! Or was it that the channel too went by the theme - that of fusing old & new rules & regulations into the format?!Why is it that the channel is now bending rules, the rules that they have made and have been following for the past 2 years?

Nach Baliye 3 - Highs & Lows in Week 2
And finally, the moment of truth - eliminations! As Pooja Bedi rightly put it..it sure seemed like they were "bali ka bakra's", waiting to be slaughtered. The hosts - Husein & Tina - one by one announced the first 6 jodi's in the safe zone. A break (rather relief from tension) came in the form of a surprise performance by celebrity guests, Jimmy Shergill & Neha Dhupia, who later announced the 7th & 8th jodi to enter the safe zone. Another major relief for the jodi's came, when Juhi Parmar announced her decision to opt out of the 'Talaash-E-Baliye' contest that had her enter the contest with a 'baliye' chosen from amongst the audience through auditions. Soon after that, tension was at its peak with the last 2 jodi's - Kiran-Ritu & Shakti-Shivangi - in the danger zone. Lack of audience support & low scores, resulted in the elimination of Kiran-Ritu, and there was pin-drop silence on the set. It was a bitter & emotional exit, with Kiran expressing his shock & anger at being the first jodi to be eliminated..while Ritu blamed herself for the mishap. Overall, an episode full of highs & lows. But, at the end of the day, it is a competition and only one can emerge winner. Like they say, the show must go on...!

Dance, drama, shocks & surprises..that's Nach Baliye 3! Stay tuned to Telly Buzz next week, for more on Nach Baliye. Until then, keep smiling..keep dancing!

Author: Ekta

Note: The views expressed are solely of the author. For any information, please contact the author.
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Anisha @anisha_16 16 years ago Amir ans sanjidaaa they
Really ROCK!!!
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Glinda Elizabeth Kushero @Ezria_Fan_4ever 16 years ago alex and shweta rock
and so do amir and sanjeeda.
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
afreen @-Afreen- 16 years ago amir-sanjeeda are awesum....
i realli like vikas's wife..she is soo cutee..:)
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
Mahwish @mahwish91 16 years ago aamir and sanjeeta r rocking az alwayz ..
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
Zam @kabs786110 16 years ago Aamir and Sanjeeda rocked.
I think judges are biased towards Rakhi Sawant, is gets credits she doens't deserve! Pooja bedi's performance was better but they only got 29... whilst Rakhi's was so so and she got a perfect 30 again... how ridiculous!!! The NB3 judges really need lessons form Saroj and Malaika. The don't know what it is to be a judge!
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maha786 @maha786 16 years ago This content is hidden.
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rajarani @rajarani 16 years ago I differ in my opinion about the Sweta Raja issue. Raja was seriously ill and they were not sure when he will be able to perform again. So It think they had opted out of the show themselves. I remember Sweta said something in the lines of Hamein pata nahin Raja kab perform kar payega.
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srividya @sree 16 years ago Great Analysis.. Yes, the policy now seems to be break all the rules that have been made and insert new formulae and rules for the benefit of few...

I seriously do not understand why all favour Shakti Kapoor so much.. (No offence here) But when it comes to the stage of NB, i think all the contestants are equal, nobody is bigger and nobody should get the priority..

To me, it looks like Shakti Kapoor is being favoured for nothing. Even his first performance was not worth a score above 20.. And i found it very unfair that the judges decided to allot him points.. Very sad... In that case, why did thy not judge Shweta Tiwari the last time?
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mesmerized @mesmerized 16 years ago gr8 article!!!

aamir n sanjeeda all da way thru!!!
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ta33 @ta33 16 years ago The Shakti part doesn't seem fair enough
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