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My next film will be on ghosts - Navdeep Singh

Navdeep Singh is all ready to launch his thriller, Manorama 6 Feet Under.

Published: Wednesday,Sep 12, 2007 15:41 PM GMT-06:00
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Navdeep Singh is all ready to launch his thriller, Manorama – 6 Feet Under. The debutante director has, in the past, directed a number of award-winning commercials for Garnier, MTV, Maruti Alto, Lux, and Parle's Hide 'n' Seek.

Q. Tell us something about Manorama – 6 Feet Under.
A. It is a fictional murder mystery. Sarika plays Manorama, who is murdered and buried six feet under. The movie is filled with suspense, and also stars Abhay Deol, Gul Panag, and Raima Sen.

Q. Is there a reason for debuting as a director with a murder mystery?
A. This is an all-time favourite genre with most directors. As a director, I enjoyed making this movie.

Q. Do you think today's audience will enjoy a thriller?
A. The trend these days is that of the comic flick. If I had followed the trend, then it would have been difficult for the audience to choose.

My next film will be on ghosts - Navdeep Singh
Q. How did you zero in on your actors?
A. Gul Panag, who plays Abhay's wife, was very impressive in Dor. I decided on Raima because I think she is a versatile actor, suitable for most roles. It was my dream to make a film that not only has a good script, but also great actors.

Q. How did you convince Sarika?
A. It wasn't me; it was the role that convinced her. Her role in the movie is small, but very important. I don't think the movie would have progressed without her consent and support. Abhay is on a journey in this movie, and, without Sarika, his journey is incomplete.

Q. How much importance have you placed on the background of the film?
A. This is a suspense thriller, and sudden song would leave a bitter taste in your mouth. But, yes, we have some amazing background music, which is really important. We also have two title tracks.

Q. What were you doing before you decided to make movies?
A. I was in the advertising world. I was in the USA for eight years before I shifted to Mumbai. I worked here with a production house named Red Eyez, making ad films for them.

Q. Is it the glamour that attracted you to the movie industry?
A. In a way. It is every director's dream to progress from the small canvas to the big one, and get applauded for his work. Earlier, we used to make 30-minute movies, but things have changed, responsibilities have increased.

Q. You have been appreciated and recognized for your ads. What are your expectations from your first feature film?
A. I hope the audience likes the movie. Whoever has seen the film so far, has appreciated it, for its story, as well as for its actors. I leave the rest to God.

Q. Did you face any problems while making this film?
A. Not from the actors, but from the weather. We shot in Rajasthan during the winter. It was extremely cold at night, and the fog and rain accelerated the trouble.

Q. After this thriller, what will be your next subject?
A. I have not really decided, but I want to make a movie on ghosts. I want to show the existence of the supernatural.

-Rajnee Gupta (SAMPURN)

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