My Mom has taught me to be strong in every situation: Rati Pandey

Actress Rati Pandey is going to celebrate Mother's Day with her Mom this time and she shares some secrets about their bonding in a conversation with TellyBuzz...

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Pretty and popular actress Rati Pandey, last seen on Zee TV's Hitler Didi, had been enjoying her sabbatical phase ever since her show went off-air. She has been travelling a lot and giving time to the things she missed out while she was busy working.

Currently, Rati is enjoying quality time with her loved ones in her hometown, Patna and as Mother's Day is around, Mamma Girl' is going to make the day special for her mom. In a candid chat with TellyBuzz, Rati goes down the memory lane and shares how her Mother has supported her through thick and thin, moments they shared and her belief in having a day dedicated to loved ones. Read on to know more...

There shouldn't be any day to make it special for your parents - I don't believe in celebrating any such occasions like Mother's Day and Father's Day. I don't feel that there should be any day dedicated for your Mom and Dad. You can make everyday special for them. You don't need to wait for any specific day to make them feel special. I will definitely wish her and this time as I am with her, I will try my best to make that day special for her. I always try to make each day special for her and all my family members when I am around them. Never wait for any special day to make your parents feel special. If you have done a mistake then you can chose any day to apologies for it and make it special. Always be transparent to your parents.

My Mom has taught me a lot - I have acquired a lot of qualities from my Mom. The first word that a child utters is Maa so whatever you learn, is from your Mom only and your father is your guide who shows you the right path. I have learnt being good at hospitality, being humble towards people, being patient, understanding and tackling every situation from my Mom. Cooking is something in which I cannot compete with her (chuckles). Whenever I feel down and alone, she convinces me that whatever happens, happens for good and it gives me strength to tackle and be strong in every situation. She is full of positivity, energy and life and I have learned these from her. I have learned being humble and honest, I never lie to anybody. I hate liars also. She has taught me that whatever mistake you do, accept it but never lie.

She has taught me to be positive - She is the pillar of my life. I would have been nothing without my Mother. Whatever I am today, is just because of my Mother. She has supported me through thick and thin and she has brainwashed me by taking out all the negativity and putting in all the positivity in me. She has shown me the right path on how to look at life in a positive manner. I would have been nothing without her.

A crazy moment that I can never forget - I remember the day when for the first time my mom came to see my shooting, that happened to be my first show and it didn't start airing till then. I was shooting for some emotional scene, so I was crying and she was laughing seeing that. I asked her what happened and she asked if I was acting or crying for real. I was really embarrassed. This has to be one of my memorable moments with her because she laughed at me and appreciated me as well. She appreciates and trusts me a lot. I am really blessed to have such parents who trust me so much.

My Mom stood with me during my struggling days in Mumbai- It was very hard for me to decide to come to Mumbai suddenly to pursue acting. Mumbai was a No Man Land for me; I knew no one here. That was my first visit to Mumbai as a struggler and I had to struggle a lot here. In Patna we have a bunglow and here I had to live in a 1 Room Kitchen flat. My father was little sceptical about this whole thing. He was worried that how will I manage everything but my Mom stood with me. She stayed with me for a month in that 1 room kitchen flat and slept with me on the floors. I used to cry at night thinking how my Mom is facing all these problems for me. We didn't take things with us when we came to Mumbai. My Mom arranged everything for me here. She encouraged me for staying here alone. Whenever I used to get scared of anything, she encouraged me.

My happiness lies in her happiness - As I stay away from my family in Mumbai, now that understanding level has grown and I am little free now as my sister in law is there to take care of everything and she keeps the entire family very happy. I always think that they all are happy and having so much fun there. Earlier I used to think that who will take care of them when I am not there but now seeing everyone happy, I feel content and satisfied and I feel happy to see her happy.

I salute all the Mothers - I can understand and salute all the mothers who are blessed with children. Having played a mother on-screen, I know that it's a very big responsibility to be a mother. A girl grows up then she becomes a lover, then gets married and becomes a wife then gives birth to a child and then she becomes a mother going through so much of pain. I have played the character of a mother on-screen so I can understand a bit but I guess I will come to know when I will become a Mother. I salute all the mothers and its one of the biggest characters that I have played.

I am thankful to my Mom - As I will be around her this time, so I will convey my message but I would like to convey my message to her though India Forums as well that I love her a lot. Everybody's mother is the best in this world and mine as well. I would like to thank her for bringing me in this world because I would have not been there she wouldn't have there. On this auspicious day, I would like to thank her for everything and say sorry to her if I have hurt her in anyways.

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Rati Pandey

Whenever u hv a dream inside ur heart,
Nvr let it go coz dreams r d tiny seeds,
Frm which beautiful tmrw grows,
Hv a wonderful dream tonite.
sweet drmz n gud 9it
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Rati Pandey Miss you.. Come back
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Start of Day..May love surround u..joy walk with u..Laughter sing with u..success guide u..& Good health bless u..
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