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What qualities would you want in your man? Sonali Kulkarni

Published: Monday,Dec 10, 2007 14:54 PM GMT-07:00
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What qualities would you want in your man?
Honesty and sincerity, he may not be the best looking guy, but he should understand me.

Don’t looks matter to you?
Not so much, but he should at least be clean and presentable, for if a person can't respect himself, how will he respect our relationship?

Your take on ‘love at first sight’!
It's very dangerous to fall in love at first sight, for then you only rely on looks which can be really deceptive. For me, nature of a person not only towards me, but the society in general also counts. He should be devoted to his work and not just blow away dad's hard earned money.

Do you believe in going out on dates to know a person?
No I don't understand this concept of dating, if I love a person, I will go out with him. It's as simple as that.

Should your man woo you with flowers and all other chivalrous trappings?
No, a nice conversation which has emotional depth and truth written all over it is enough to make me happy. My guy need not do more.

Are men and woman different?
See, actually no two human beings - be it of the  same sex or opposite sex can ever think alike, but having said that actually its how we can reconcile these differences and enjoy life as a couple is what I find interesting.

Is it possible to find the perfect man? 
No, everybody has some or the other flaw. So this concept of a perfect man is a non starter. But if you love a person truly, you should be in a position to be able to overlook some negative traits.

There is a lot of talk about giving space in a relationship, what’s your definition of space?
To give your partner, freedom to do things that he likes and vice versa. So if my guy likes football, I would not stop him from watching the game; but then he should also not stop me from spending quality time with my girl friends.

Would parental consent be important?
Yes it's very important that my guy has the blessing of my folks.

Is there a Mr. Right hiding in the closet?
Yaar, had he been there, I would have already got married to him. I don't believe in waiting for the right time. ­


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