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'My main job is to give my best performance' - Aneek Dhar

Telly Buzz gets you a One-to-One with one of the top favourites on this season's SaReGaMaPa Contest that is in full swing on Zee Tv...

Published: Tuesday,Aug 07, 2007 12:26 PM GMT-06:00
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My main job is to give my best performance - Aneek Dhar
Aneek Dhar, a forerunner in the top ten of C2007 SRGMP contest was a faceless name to most until recently. People who heard him in the Bangla SRGMP vouched for his talent while most others took it with a pinch of salt. Aneek, the winner of Zee SRGMP Bangla made a straight entry into the Agnipareeksha round of C2007 Vishwayudh unlike most other participants who groveled from the start. The public was just waiting to meet this enigma and judge for themselves if the hype around him was worth it or not.

Currently, he is among those few who are consistently giving good performances week after week, just like he performed in the Bangla SRGMP series. In this short span of few weeks he has carved a niche for himself, the name Aneek is no more faceless, his captivating voice has touched the heart of millions of viewers worldwide and they have sat up to take notice of this talented singer. The enigma has finally arrived! In a chat with us he shared some tidbits. When he was inquired about the two platforms – Zee SRGMP Bangla and C2007 Vishwayudh he opined that for him both the shows are important but yes, to C2007 show, he gives more importance. “My main job is to give my best performance and I am trying my best to do so even here”, that’s what Aneek has to say. Did he find anyone of these SRGMP series better than the other? “Well, if you see in the field of talents then I would say that obviously being an international competition it has got various type of talents and in the field of technology of course this one is much more advanced than Bangla one - more because it is a part of Bollywood”.

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My main job is to give my best performance - Aneek Dhar
Aneek is very shy by nature and during Bangla SRGMP, viewers saw how he was almost coaxed to sing songs in the early stages. But the present Aneek has metamorphosed into a totally new person; he is no more that shy boy from Zee Bangla. Gone is the shyness to be replaced by confidence. This attitude was so evident when he lost his shirt to Salman Khan and yet went on to give a brilliant performance. When asked about it, Aneek said it was a nice as well as bitter experience. Nice because it was Salman Khan who did it and bitter because he felt exposed. Another example of his metamorphosis is - he is much more vocal now and has even found the courage to propose to none other than Dia Mirza!! “This is all because of Mumbai life style.”, he says. He feels Mumbai is a place where everyone’s life pattern changes and whatever one thinks to be impossible in mind, ultimately become possible in the long run. So what about Dia Mirza? How serious was he with the proposal? He laughs and says, “First of all I would like to tell all that I am a big fan of her and love her acting and her eyes. So when I found this opportunity, I decided to make full use of it and proposed to her with my heart.” Was he disappointed with her rejection? No, he feels he is here to sing and that she loves his singing is enough for him.

Aneek’s inspiration has always been Sonu Nigam. According to him if today, had he not been a singer, then definitely he would have been a sound engineer and then later a Music Director. Amanat Ali, the contestant from Dubai is his closest friend here. And these two spend lot of time together “…with a harmonium and show our “Ustadi” to each other.”, he laughs. One question that is coming to everyone’s mind is regarding his song selection. Because of the selection of the songs, he has not been able to show his actual range yet that he has already shown in Bangla SRGMP. To this he quips his confident reply “I believe in “slow but steady” procedure thoughts. Whenever I feel something is going I will burst a bomb out”. He is saving his best for the right moment.

This budding talent of the Rock Gharana is giving many a top contenders in the competition sleepless nights. His voice has created a magic, his renditions have moved many a viewer, his warm and yet gentle nature has endeared him to so many, and most important his fan base has now broadened from his home state to worldwide. The shy, simple singing sensation of Bengal is today a confident, endearing singing sensation who has carved a name for himself in the hearts of millions of fans just through his power-packed singing. Aneek has already sung in three films and in days to come we hope to see him ruling the bollywood charts. He seeks only love and votes from his fans and he has 110% faith on his fans and the audience. Like his mentor Himesh he too believes that “When there is faith there is no fear.”

Reporter: Barnali
Author: Barnali

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Ahmed @Too_Much 16 years ago keep going man...but only with comic roles
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malaysiangirl @Malaysian_Girl 16 years ago Thanks for the article.I am from Malaysia and loved Aneek singing.He has the quality as a singer and will set a benchmark in singing industry.Very consistent and I hope to see him in the Finals.I hope people will not judge him on how his entry was done and it is not his fault.Judge his singing and I support good singers.
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Not Given @Chippeshwini 16 years ago He's talented...but I'm still not really fanatic about him. He reminds me of Vinit...

I like Amanat
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Pooja @Priyanka09 16 years ago He is a good singer although i like Amanat and Raja Hasan
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pomegranate @pomegranate 16 years ago ummmmmmmmm............. this is a long article but aneek is a true star!!!!!!!!!!! thnxs 4 the aricle
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sonia @**sanya** 16 years ago kul
he has a nice voice

but i like junaid

although he does have u nice voice
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Mansi Sharma @music_rules 16 years ago keep it up Aneek ....your a really good singer and you will go far!
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bittersweet93 @bittersweet93 16 years ago That guy is a star- he's an amazing singer. He rocks!
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advil @advil 16 years ago I wish Aneek selects better songs to showcase his potential.

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Khushi @Tumhari_Khushi 16 years ago One of my favourites aswell. He's wonderful!
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