'My Inspiration has always come from my failures' - Sudha Chandran

From 'Nache Mayuri' to Hip-Hop and Salsa in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, the graceful Sudha Chandran has come a long way. Here is a Chit-chat with the Star, about her experiences in Jhalak and much more..

As 'Nache Mayuri', she showed to the world that she cannot be stopped. Her determination to succeed and come out a winner always, has made her an epitome of Perseverance, Hard Work and Confidence. If this is Sudha Chandran for you, then wait!! This is not the end of it, as Sudha recently took to the dance floors of Jhalak Dikhhala Jaa with an X-factor, with oomph and a makeover in style, to show to the world that she can make the East and the West of Dance Forms meet' 

Here is a Chit-chat with the Star Dancer, Sudha Chandran.. 

How has your experience in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa been?
Its been really tough. I have enjoyed this experience, but it was not as easy as I thought. This journey in Jhalak has been wonderful, full of life. I have made the impossible into possible.

How has this style make over been for you?

It has been really nice. I had never dreamt of wearing such clothes, and showing this much of style. This new dressing sense has brought new confidence in me. It really looks nice, because being in the age bracket as I am in, this has brought a different side of Sudha out.

Bharatanatyam is a form of worship for you, so how does it feel to do a 'Salsa', 'Rumba' etc?

I have known only Bharatanatyam, so all these Latin American dance forms have seriously been latin and American to me. (laughs). Uma used to tell me always, that I need to take care of the difference in postures now.

So has Bharatanatyam taken a back stage now?

Definitely! Uma has told me, "Don't dare to do Bhratanatyam now". (laughs) With great difficulty, I have got into the groove of these dancing forms, so I am concentrating on this now.

Who is your toughest competitor here?

Well, you never know. Negi was not scoring high marks last 2 weeks, but this week, he is right on top. In this week's Gala, Negi and Sandhya topped the charts and they happen to be the first ones to get full 30 on the board. So you never know what is in store for this elimination

Which among your performances do you like the best?

I would say, it has to be Hip-Hop and Salsa.. 

As a layman, it is very difficult for us to know the various forms like Rumba and Salsa and know the minute differences. So do you think it is fair enough for the public to vote even after knowing nothing?

See I agree, as a layman, one will not know the difference between a Rumba and a Salsa. The audience wants pure entertainment. Take the last year, even though Mona won it, the audience and the public remembers Mahesh Manjrekar's dance more, because he was a true entertainer. Whatever the form of dance may be, it looks as though the dancer is either going in between the legs of the other and then coming out, or going above the other and being thrown down.(laughs) So this is what the layman sees.
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One eliminated contestant, you wish you could bring back.
Cyrus, purely for his entertainment value. Now after he is gone, the green room is empty. He was the bond who kept all together. We used to put bets in the green room, on Cyrus, because he could never keep quiet. That man cannot keep quiet for 30 seconds. So all was fun, we miss it now.

One Bollywood artist who's dancing skills you admire.

Madhuri has always been graceful, and now, Aishwarya Rai is simply mind blowing.

If you were in the judges' seat today, who according to you has the best chance of winning?

Prachi Desai

What has been your biggest inspiration when it comes to Dancing?

My inspiration has always been my failure. First, I bounced back with Mayuri. Now in my testing time, it is Jhalak. I always thought I would not survive here, and would be out in the first round after Samba. I had never dreamt of doing all this, but it feels good to have sustained till the 6th round.

Among the non classical dances, what form of dancing are you most comfortable with?

Tapori dance, even a disco, or a Bollywood number. These dance forms do not have set rules, your body just needs to be flexible enough to carry out the steps. There are no head positions, the toe need not point right, your hip need not be positioned right.

How is it to work with your choreographer, Uma?

He is doing a good job. He is attempting something very different all the time. If you observe, in the Hip-hop, he went off beat in the act, and this is not easy to do. As a dancer I could pick it up, its like Aadi Talam in Bhratanatyam.

Coming to the Judges, do you think their comments and the marks that get translated go hand in hand?

See, it is just that they are trying to praise the contestants even if they do not do well. If they had not been like this, then the audience would have said they are downright rude. So they give us positive comments, while the marks reflect that we need to work even more. I actually love the way they judge, i like thier strategy. There is no negativity in the judges' mind, they are bubbly and we all feel like a part of each other.. 

Well, as Sudha says, 'Anything can happen in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa'. The uncertainties are getting higher with every passing Gala, so here's wishing Sudha all the very best for the future rounds in Jhalak.. 

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Fantastic Sudha I am realy your big fan as actress and as a dancer mind blowing job way to go darling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16 years ago

Way to go Sudha. I like your spirit. I hope all these comments, thoughts, talks are coming straight from your heart. Not just to show off. But I really admire you. Keep up the good work and good luck. God Bless You.

16 years ago

aww she's great ... she thinks prachi will win but i belive Ronit Roy all the way .. lol
best of luck to her =D

16 years ago

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16 years ago

I have always liked Sudha.. She is really a wonder... All the best to her

16 years ago

she's a really strong person..hats off to her for always attempting soemthing new!

16 years ago

Wonderful interview. I agree with her on the judges comments. Its fun to watch them interact with the judges because there is no negativity... most of the time!

16 years ago

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