Doree: Doree sees Kailashi Devi dancing and is left shocked

In the upcoming episodes of Colors TV's show Doree, Doree will be left shocked after she sees Kailashi Devi dancing.

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Colors TV's recently launched show 'Doree' is a social drama that revolves around a six-year-old girl, Doree, fighting against a patriarchal society. The show stars Mahi Bhanushali in the lead role. It also stars popular actors like Sudha Chandran, Anurag Sharma and Toral Rasputra. 

In the upcoming episodes of the show, Chandani slaps Doree when Ansh and Vansh aren't found. However, Cops bring Ansh and Vansh to Bhairavi, who learns about the kidnapping. Kailashi Devi dances, shocking Doree, while Chandani orders Heera to load the girls into a tempo. However, Bhairavi reaches the kotha, but Kailashi Devi escapes. Maai's vision blurs as gulaal are thrown. In the meantime, Agni disappears, and the girls, including Doree, are tied in a tempo. Later, Doree calls for her baba before passing out and the tempo, driven by the fog pattiman, hits a tree.

In tonight’s episode, Kailashi Devi attempts to stab Chandni, but Chandni disarms her and drags her to a dark room where Vansh is tied to a dartboard. In the meantime, Chandani forces Kailashi Devi to become Rukmani again. However, Maai prays for Agni, and Nani prays for Doree, nearly encountering Maai. Moreover, Doree finds Ansh in a room adorned with Rukmani's photo. Doree unties Vansh, and throws marbles at Heera's team, helping Vansh escape, but Doree gets caught. Kailashi Devi performs as Rukmini, reliving her past. Later, In the temple, Maai performs as Kali Mata to revive Agni. 

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