Doree: Kailashi to reveal that she killed Ganga

In the upcoming track of Colors TV's show Doree, Kailash will reveal that she was involved in Ganga's murder.

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Colors TV's recently launched show 'Doree' is a social drama that revolves around a six-year-old girl, Doree, fighting against a six-year-old girl, Doree, fighting against a patriarchal society. The show stars Mahi Bhanushali in the lead role. It also stars popular actors like Sudha Chandran, Anurag Sharma and Toral Rasputra. 

In the upcoming episodes of the show, Doree notices Mansi unconscious and Neelu is about to be uncovered by Komal, while Yash and Anand argue. However, Neelu flees as Mai searches for Doree. In the meantime, Agni is impressed by Doree's Aarti, only to find no one behind her but an unconscious Mansi. Later, Maai confuses Nani with Ganga's photo and learns Ganga is her son. Yash and Sudha find Neelu witnessing Mansi's plight. Meanwhile, Maai discovers Ganga's truth, but before she can approach Doree, Kailashi reveals she killed Ganga and knocks Maai unconscious.

In tonight’s episode, Ganga rises like a phoenix upon hearing Doree's plea for Baba and saves Mansi from the goons. Meanwhile, Doree notices a hurt dog and helps it before searching for Maai. Later, Agni fights the goons as Mansi watches with blurry vision. Maai reveals herself as Kailashi Devi and destroys Doree's phone. In a close encounter, Agni carries Doree while holding Mansi. 

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