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My Friend Ganesh 3 - Movie Review

My friend Ganesha-3 does a good job of mixing mythological ingredients with modern elements to give out the message of believing in oneself with faith in providence.

Published: Friday,Mar 26, 2010 18:15 PM GMT-06:00
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Cast: Rahul Pendkalkar, Eva Grover, Baba Sehgal, Sayaji Shinde, Makrand Anaspure, Himani Shivpuri and Mushtaque Khan

Director: Rajiv S Ruia

My friend Ganesha – Naughty Niceness

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In the third of the series of Ganesha movies, we have Ganya (Rahul Pendkalkar), an orphan left at the mercy of his uncle Naagesh (Sayaji Shinde) and aunt Chandramukhi (Himani Shivpuri). They aren't kind to him and in fact the only reason they are even keeping him with them is because he is the heir to lots of financial goodies. So when he runs away they are pretty uptight about their 'wealth' slipping away.

Ganya runs away and hides inside the jolly Shamsher's lorry. Shamsher, afraid of the liabilities that a kid brings along drops Ganya off at a Ganesh temple where as luck would have Gangu Tai wife of Shamsher and a bubbly female who longs to have a child takes him home.

But Ganya is soon found out by Bala (Makrand Anaspure, the pesky little brother of Chandramukhi, and taken to the Haveli where endless hours of being behind locked doors and serving his uncle and aunt are in store. Ganya is heartbroken and as taught by his surrogate mom Gangu Tai, prays to lord Ganesha to take him back to his 'Aai'. Lord Ganesha is impressed and appears to him. He frees him from the locked room and helps him go to his Aai's home.

However back at the Haveli we have another Ganesh (courtesy the miracle of lord ganesha), who also happens to be lookalike of Ganya, wreaking havoc and chaos. He is making everyone dance to his tunes.  However, this is not enough to drive away the evil aunt and uncle. It takes a proper Bollywood 'ishtyle' fight complete with bamboo sticks for them to finally get the message. We have a happy ending when Ganya ends up with Gangu Tai and Shamsher with the grand Haveli all for themselves!


The clean cut entertainment value of the film can be quoted as its USP. The Tom and Jerry kind of antics are adorable!

The color scheme of the film is bright. Perfect for kiddos at whom the film is aimed.

Ever heard a Ganpati bhajan with a bhangda twist? You'll catch it on this one.

All of the actors, especially the kid Rahul Pendkalkar, have done a splendid job!


My friends Ganesh-3 is being touted as an animation film. However, there's not much of it in the film. And whatever is there lacks luster and is amateurish.

The story seems to be a reverse of Cinderella with the evil twin angle tossed in…

Yes or no?
The film is a lot of fun, laughter and entertainment. Something the entire family can enjoy.

Rating: ***

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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