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Muskaan Arora hurts herself on sets..

The lead of Mata Ki Chowki suffered a deep cut on her right finger that has left her reeling in pain for nearly ten days now...

Published: Saturday,Jan 31, 2009 09:29 AM GMT-07:00
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Muskaan Arora aka Vaishnavi of Sahara One's Mata Ki Chowki, produced by Swastik Pictures has recently hurt herself during the shoot of the show. The actress has stitches on her right finger which is making her life very difficult.

Muskaan Arora hurts herself on sets..
"The accident took place ten days back when a glass piece cut my finger as I was portraying a scene where I fight with my father-in-law", says Muskaan.

Elaborating on the incident she explains, "There was a task where I was supposed to throw a glass. I wanted that scene to come out naturally, so with all my josh I went ahead with the scene. In the second take I got carried away, and without realizing that I was holding a glass, went to throw it bit fiercely, and the glass cut thro' my finger", she states.

"The cut was so deep that the vein of the finger was badly injured, and thus had to take two stitches. It was bleeding heavily, but still I went ahead with the shot as I didn't want to hamper the shoot. It's been ten days now since the incident happened, and will take another week for the injury to get healed," she adds further.

Well, this incident has turned Muskaan to become a left-hander. "It is getting very difficult for me in day-to-day life as I can't drive; and have to eat with left hand etc. I am just waiting to get back to normal life," she concludes.

We wish her a speedy recovery…

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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(: @iiHEARTyu-x0 14 years ago why is everyone getting hurt nowadays
but hope for a speedy recovery to her
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