Jhanak: Anirudh apologizes to Jhanak, Jhanak calls herself the maid of his house

In the episode of Star Plus' show Jhanak tonight, Anirudh will be seen apologizing to Jhanak for everything.

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Krushal Ahuja and Hiba Nawab as Anirudh and Jhanak

The episode begins with Anirudh seeking Dadi's permission for Jhanak to stay. Dadi instructs Bipasha and Tanuja to check the cleanliness of the room, with Jhanak accompanying them. Meanwhile, Dada suggests discussing the next course of action. Shrishti expresses disapproval, but Dadi insists on finding a solution through discussion. Jhanak proceeds upstairs, and Anirudh requests Arshi to stay back for an important conversation, asking Shrishti to leave.

Tanuja guides Jhanak to the room but scolds her, cautioning her to stay away from Anirudh. Bipasha accuses Jhanak of trying to replace Arshi and winning the dance competition through deceit, reminding her that Kolkata doesn't appreciate dancers like her. Anirudh, in a separate conversation, justifies his decision to help Tejas, stating that he couldn't let her die. Arshi confronts him, pointing out the family crisis caused by his actions. He defends himself, asserting that he is assisting Tejas, while Jhanak offers to leave if needed.

Appu brings an apple for Jhanak, who faces criticism from Tanuja. Anirudh expresses his love for Arshi, appreciating her kindness, but she decides to leave. Anirudh insists on her staying, revealing that his refusal was influenced by his mother's opinion. Meanwhile, Appu tries to comfort Jhanak, who recalls her past and sheds tears.

Appu affectionately calls Jhanak a "gift" and inquires about her family. Jhanak gets emotional, thinking of Urvashi, but Appu apologizes and consoles her. Anirudh regrets his decision to Arshi, who decides to go to the terrace with Appu. Anirudh expresses his love, but Appu unintentionally interrupts their intimate moment, leading to scolding from Anirudh.

Anirudh confronts Jhanak, who denies opening the door, and Arshi scolds her. Appu apologizes and suggests they will inform Anirudh before entering next time. Anirudh and Arshi, irritated, scold Jhanak, who apologizes. Appu decides to leave, stating they will return when Anirudh is alone.

Arshi leaves angrily, and Shrishti argues with Vinayak about Jhanak doing household work. Arshi suggests letting Jhanak stay there temporarily, but Shrishti opposes it, stating that she cannot stay there. An argument ensues, and Shrishti warns Arshi of potential regrets for making Anirudh and Jhanak drift apart.

Precap: Anirudh apologizes to Jhanak, but she insists on being the maid of the house. Bipasha scolds her, creating tension in the household.

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