SRK 'pretended to throw coffee' that took veteran actress Vibha Chibber by surprise on 'Chak De India' sets

To be working with a megastar like SRK can only add to your nervousness

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Vibha Chibber and Shah Rukh Khan

Apart from being an iconic film, Chak De! India went on to also introduce several new faces while being led by superstar, Shah Rukh Khan. But it wasn't just the actors portraying players who were relatively new; others were as well, and one of them was now-veteran actress Vibha Chibber, who played the role of Krishnaji in the film.

Granted that Chibber was already an experienced actor owing to her background in theatre and TV earlier, this was still her debut film. And to be working with a megastar like SRK can only add to your nervousness. That is also what happened with Chibber, But in a recent interview with Rajshri Unplugged, Chibber went on to talk about how SRK was a fabulous co-star to work with, him making everyone feel easy and even a small prank he played on her to break the ice. 

She said, “Shah Rukh sir was such a nice person to talk to, very humble. He knew that all of us were new, so we were scared, and he had experience. An actor gets an actor. To work with him was an amazing experience, I have never worked with a co-star like him. When I had to shoot our first scene together, I was so nervous, my heart was pounding.” 

The actor further mentioned that Shah Rukh Khan and she would also rehearse their lines. Talking about the prank, she talked about how SRK was casually walking and drinking coffee, and he suddenly came in front of her and pretended to throw coffee, which surprised her. It turned out to be a prank to make her feel more at ease, and they both burst into laughter. This incident broke the ice and established a Delhi connection between them, along with Barry John and the theatre. Then, she became “quite comfortable” working with him. 

She added, “My daughter would miss me a lot; that time, she was 11 and would cry. One day, Shah Rukh sir spoke to her, and she was so happy! He told me even he doesn’t like outdoor shootings, as he prefers being with his children at home.” She then mentioned that every time they've met since then, he warmly hugs her and remembers her. She finds it beautiful because a star like him encounters numerous people every day. 

It is just another instance of how SRK has been with his co-stars and is mainly loved by one and all. 

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