Jhanak: Jhanak finally finds a place for herself in Anirudh's house

In the episode of Star Plus' show Jhanak tonight, Jhanak will be finally seen finding a place for herself in Anirudh's house.

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Hiba Nawab as Jhanak

The episode unfolds with Shrishti expressing her anger towards Anirudh and Jhanak. Jhanak, in tears, becomes the target of Shrishti's scolding and is physically pushed. Appu steps in to support Jhanak, while Anirudh attempts to justify his decision, assuring there must be a valid reason for bringing her here. Arshi, upset that Anirudh didn't consult her, questions the nature of his relationship with Jhanak, who is revealed to be a relative of their mother.

Amidst the chaos, Appu enthusiastically welcomes Jhanak and expresses a desire to be friends. However, Tanuja, in a fit of rage, rebukes Appu and scolds her. Shrishti, frustrated with the situation, urges someone to calm Appu down or take her away. Vinayak intervenes, urging Jhanak to reveal the truth. Anirudh attempts to explain the circumstances but is continuously interrupted by the family members' accusations.

Arshi, Bipasha, and others join in condemning Jhanak, while Anirudh's father asserts that Jhanak cannot stay in the house until the matter is clarified. Tanuja agrees, insisting that Anirudh should have discussed the situation with Arshi. Shrishti suggests sending Jhanak away to resolve the issue. Anirudh, however, refuses, stating that he acted out of humanity. Tensions rise as the family debates whether Jhanak should stay.

Anirudh eventually shares the full story, explaining that he rescued Jhanak from a dangerous situation. Shrishti continues to express her disdain for Jhanak, who tearfully defends herself. Anirudh's parents scold Jhanak, and Tanuja insists she shouldn't stay. Despite the family's objections, Anirudh stands firm, defending his decision and emphasizing the need to help Jhanak.

As the family remains divided, Anirudh requests Dadi to allow Jhanak to stay, promising that she will leave once she becomes independent. Appu empathizes with Jhanak and supports her, while Arshi remains upset with Anirudh for not consulting her. Anirudh asserts that Jhanak is not a burden on the family, and he envisions a future where she can build her life independently. The episode concludes with tensions high, setting the stage for further conflicts and revelations.


Tanuja issues a warning to Jhanak, and Appu takes Jhanak to Anirudh's room, where he advises her to knock before entering.

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these ppl r awful, jhanak can kill herself and they wont shed a tear

4 months ago

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