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Musical Reality Shows This Week - A Critical Review

This week if there was one thing that competed with the good performances in the shows of the little masters, then it was the suspense of elimination and re-entry. A tug of war between junta and judges seem to have started already.

Published: Tuesday,Dec 18, 2007 11:44 AM GMT-07:00
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This week in SaReGaMaPa L'il Champs, it was the Wild Cards Round, and the weekend saw the show actually turning into Masti-ki-Pathshala. Be it Sonu’s singing the duet song in both male and female voices or Aditya having non-stop fun with the kids or Alka Yagnik’s positive and encouraging comments, all added to the already positive atmosphere of the show. Aditya was exceptionally good as a host and the way he hosted this week in particular, he proved that he is now one of the best hosts. It was too humorous watching him mimic Barbie whenever he was interacting with her but while doing this, he got a taste of his own medicine when “Chimdi” Vaishali took over the hosting job and before Aditya could realize anything, she started mimicking him. This week’s best was the ever shy Sahil who not only gave the best performance but made a comeback in a new avatar. But what touched everyone was - Rohit informing with pride how all the kids helped Sahil to shed his inhibitions and get more outspoken, which was very much evident from his behaviour. Hats off these small kids who still have their innocence intact, and can rise above personal competitions and help one another out to bring out their best.

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Alka as the guest was par excellence. She made sure to interact with all the contestants. Sureshji as an advisor is really good but while doing so, at times it seems he forgets that this is a kid’s show. If it’s Sureshji in L'il Champs, then it’s Pritam in Chhote Ustaad who seems bit out of place. His interaction with the contestants lack complete chemistry. In Chhote Ustaad, Abhaas this week was not up to the mark as he was last week. Maybe, this being the first eliminations week for him as a host, his body language suggested clearly that he was feeling quite uncomfortable. But the contestants did not disappoint the viewers and belted out some excellent performances.

After this week’s show, the format of Chhote Ustaad got a bit clearer to the viewers. Voice of India has kept up to their traditions of giving again a format that’s a complicated confusion package. But the most worrying part of the format is where the four danger zone contestants are made to sing songs on the choice of the judges for which they get just ten minutes to prepare and perform. This is definitely going to put lot of pressure and trauma on these small kids. As far as traditions of VOI go, they kept up to its changing formats by not eliminating any contestant in their very first eliminations episode. The judges did not deem fit to even inform the viewers the reasons behind it, especially when it was apparent that Alpansh Banerjee's performance was not at par with the other three danger zone contestant in the previous week.

Some more musical reality shows are going to hit prime channel houses very soon. There will be melody and competition galore. It is therefore more necessary that all these shows now have a well defined format to maintain each show's objectivity and uniqueness. To sustain the public interest, along with the presence of talented participants, the lucidity in the show format and its set rules will play a major role. The production houses should understand this point clearly and fast.

Author: Barnali

Note: The views expressed are solely of the author. For any information, please contact the author.

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angels_eyes 15 years ago i am soo looking forward seeing this movie -- to bad she isnt happy white the result
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*Resham* 15 years ago Her interviews tell a diff story but..dont know which to believe...

I m waiting for AN though...
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divzzhere 15 years ago adi u r toooo cute:P...luvv uu:)

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desigrl27 15 years ago Adi...sooo cuteeeeee
I agree...Sahil was AMAZING this week. I don't regularly watch this show, but I saw it last week...Sahil was truly amazing.
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Tani91 15 years ago Adi was just so cute and SRGMP was rocking this week ..I dont watch SVOI so I cant say much on that
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advil 15 years ago Yes I totally agree. Aditya is doing a greta job and he has perfect understanding with the judges and the little kids.Sonu's solo-duet was fantastic and Alka as a guest judge rocked.

Gajendra Singh ji came up with a brilliant concept of J & J combo and on the very first week he broke the format. How often are we going to have this when there will be no elimination - now would that be fair to thsoe who are unfortunate enough to get eliminated? There was no logic why this week there could be no elimination.No way was Alpansh's perfromance at par with the other 3 scary land participants. Then what was the basis of not eliminating him?

What about the votes sent by the public, is that not wasting public's money?

The SVOI participants are really talented. They should not suffer.
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~*puja*~ 15 years ago Great analysis of the two shows, but what about Mission Ustad!?! I was curious to read what you thought of it this week~!
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Bhaskar.T 15 years ago Aditya was really superb!!!!! The whole show was a full package of music and masti. Sonu again proved he is #1.

VOI... Kya kehne Gajji ke. Hope he stops all such format changes after this first one. Or are we asking for too much!!!

The VOI kids are really good. Its better for their future that they should get serious with these formats. In a kids show thats very very important.
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ammmu 15 years ago I loved Aditya's interactions with the kids in the weekend, and you're right Barnalidi, hmmm Suresh ji did say some strange things this wknd as well.. in the judgement and in the end too, hmm.. so nice to see Alka ji there too!

Thanks for the article!
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