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Music Review: Thank You

Thank You marks the return of Akki-Anees-Pritam on a project, with the latter most taking the onus of the music album.


Anees Bazmee has had a good past record to show, as far as the success rate of his film's music goes. Here comes the next, to be put up on the altar of test. Starring Akshay Kumar and Sonam Kapoor, alongside Bobby Deol, Sunil Shetty, Irrfan Khan, Celina Jaitley and Rimi Sen, Thank You marks the return of Akki-Anees-Pritam on a project, with the latter most taking the onus of the music album. Will the triumvirate manage to recreate the musical magic of Singh Is King and Welcome?
Judge for yourself...

The album begins with the notorious yesteryear number 'Pyaar Do Pyaar Lo', improvised to suit the taste and time of this upcoming release. The original, from the film Janbaaz, has been mostly retained by Pritam, with only a few evident alterations. This song, we believe, is the highlight of the album, not to forget how much anticipated ever since news of its being adapted was flashed. If popularity of the original track was anything to go by, this modern version, with Mika's vocals, and some rhythmic use of claps and such, is sure to hit the clubs.
Not very surprisingly, a remix version, of this already adapted track also exists. It brings some further differences to the song, mostly tending to picking up t
he pace some more. A suspiciously banjo-like instrument is used in the background score here, replacing the primal means of human clapping.
The next song of the album is 'Razia', sung by Ritu Pathak, coupled with Master Saleem. The song is impressive, in terms of Ritu's vocals and the composition. Its the song we're certain you'll be jamming to, it is just that catchy. From the very first beat, the tune gets you tapping your feet - we find in it all the elements of becoming 2011's next musical rage.
'Razia' too has a remix, which begins differently from its original. One is likely to notice that the remixes of this album tend to be softer than remixes characteristically are. However, the lyrics soften down accordingly, and in the end, the remix versions do portray a background score domination over the vocals. As for the 'Razia' remix, we give it an okay. The parent track is definitely an up on it.
'Full Volume' is next in the album. It kickstarts with Richa Sharma's singing her part in the song, with Neeraj Shridhar taking over eventually, while keeping the pace and mood built by Richa intact. The style of the song gives it a crazy and cozy feel of the older generation. One might sense something retro about its composition. Its the kind of track that grows on you, upon listening one too many times.

Hard Kaur, and extended use of the drum pep up the remix version of 'Full Volume'. And still, we vote for he original over it, because the modern-techno nuance sort of robs it of its old gold feel. 
'My Heart is Beating' is penultimate original soundtrack in the album. This number keeps a fast pace throughout, while also imbibing a retro touch, the latter emphasized somewhat by Sonu Nigam's singing style herein, along with the supporting composition. In an unorthodox way, this song can be treated as the title track in the album, owing the use of the words 'thank you' repeatedly. In music and lyrics, this number projects a comical influence.
The remix version of 'My Heart is Beating',  unlike the other remixes, manages to keep a louder and faster character as opposed to its original. If anything, this version seems to repeat even more times than the parent track. Also incorporated in this version is a banjo that wasn't in the original version. Finally a remix worth the clubs!
The last song of the album is 'Pyaar Mein', the only slow and soothing number in the entire album. Sung by Neeraj Shridhar and Javed Ali, the song has decent lyrics and music, although it somewhat lacks in creating the melancholia that it must have intended to. Still, being the only one of its kind in the album, it is the only treat for those who go gaga over the soft and lilting romantic tunes, so there's no ruling it down and out.

Overall, Thank You has some pretty good songs to offer. If you're not a fan of remixes, we say you can safely give the remixes of this album a pass. Other than that, the album doesn't disappoint.
BollyCurry's favorite: Pyaar Do Pyaar Lo, Razia, Pyaar Mein
BollyCurry's rating: 3.5/5

Editors: Anhdara & Naseem
Graphics: Pooji


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