Mona Singh a gifted palmist

Mona's hidden talent!

Television actress Mona Jaswir Singh, currently seen in Sony TV's "Kya Huaa Tera Vaada", is a gifted palmist and can predict accurately about almost everything.

The 31-year-old, known for playing the leading role in "Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin" and winning celebrity reality shows, often leaves her friends and acquaintances with their jaws dropping.

She is gifted with a great intuition. She can predict accurately about one's health, personal and professional life. She can read your innermost thoughts and secrets and reveal the most intricate details of your life," said a source.


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deep.d3 8 years ago ur act'n s jus fabulous...no other tv actress can compet u r simply d best. vd correct attitude n a confident person
jassingh1951 8 years ago Wow Mona tussi great ho. Love you in KHTV. Keep it up.
blyton 8 years ago Wow...acting, dancing, hosting, comedy...what more does this girl have up her sleeve? But I wish she had seen Ekta Kapoor's palm before signing on KHTV...she might have guessed then and there she was being taken for a ride!
cutestvampire 8 years ago wow... amazing.. so in other words u r a witch...:D... nice...
..nisaluvrk.. 8 years ago didn't know dis bout her...
its really interesting...
she'a an amazing actress n doing a great job in khtv...
Tyro 8 years ago wow..that is interesting n surprising...

never knew that fact abt her...
Magical_KaSh 8 years ago mona mona mona iam shocked you can read the innermost thots
well KHTV is ok but actress like her deserves better show dan KHTV
2012-04-12 22:51:11
yipee 8 years ago thats great but wonder if she also had an intuition that her show will go downhill...Mona def deserves better
vinolya 8 years ago Loved you as Jassi in JJKN.. You are such a wonderful and talented actress... You just need the best script! Best Wishes Mona!
cs-07 8 years ago then why is the story of the show she is working in going downhill. the trailers were v nice bt the show, nope.
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