Model Shonal Rawat to host Champion Chaalbaaz No.1

As Mona Singh moves out of hosting Champion Chaalbaaz No. 1, the gorgeous model Shonal Rawat is all set to step into her shoes as host...Catch the new host in conversation..

The stunning beauty and model Shonal Rawat has numerous accolades in her kitty and now adds one more, as she is all set to host Sony’s comedy-based reality show Champion Chaalbaaz No.1. As the channel heads took a combined decision of not overexposing Mona Singh to the reality show scenario, keeping in mind the to-be-launched reality show, 'The Extreme Makeover,' Shonal Rawat now takes over the anchoring responsibilities of Champion Chaalbaaz No. 1.

The model has previously hosted a show for MTV’s Most Wanted so is not new to this genre of acting. But what prompted her to take up hosting rather than moving to movies? “First of all hosting a show is a very challenging job. I feel it is easier to be a model than hosting a show as you have to be very spontaneous and I took it up as a challenge”, replies Shonal. “And regarding movies”, she further adds, “I am more confident working in television. Hence I decided to stick to television.

Having hosted a show before, what made her choose comedy? She replies, “I chose comedy because it is something preferred by everyone compared to the monotonous dramas and I am glad that I got the opportunity to do this show." Speaking about the judges of the show, Shonal says, “I am sharing screen space with two of the best comedians in the industry which did make it seem very overwhelming for me initially. But both Sajid and Cyrus have been very encouraging and supportive and have let me be myself so it was a lot of fun working with them.”
Does hosting mean an end to her modeling career? “Not at all”, says she, “Modeling is my life. No matter how much I work in television, I will never give it up. Through modeling you bring to life creations that are perceived in someone else’s mind and it is such a beautiful thing for me. I began my career with modeling and it very dear to me”, says the ravishing beauty.

Well, we wish her loads of success in all her endeavors and hope to see more of her on-screen.

Reporter and Author: Melanie

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Comments (6)

Is Mona out of this show for good ??? That really sucks because Mona could handle Sajid and Cyrus really well and she is an amazing anchor!!!

16 years ago

I watched cc only for Mona darling :(

16 years ago

I am going to stop watching the show the day Mona leaves. I watch it only for her.

16 years ago

Nooooo, I dont want Mona to leave :( I liked her so much in Champion Chaalbaaz!!

Anyways, thanks for the article..

16 years ago

oh shukr hei.. mona ki shakal dekh dekh kar THAK gayi hoon mein!
waise why did mona leave :-S
anyway good luck to you new host cum model LOL

16 years ago

she is pretty am glad i dont have to hear mona singh'z voice anymore

16 years ago

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