MJ - Late or not?!

The ghosts are back to haunt! Many sites on the internet have now become active grounds for debating the prospect that MJ in fact may yet be alive...

This is no piece of tinsel town gossip. Its bigger, and better - well depending on what side you're on!

King of Pop Michael Jackson was pronounced dead last June, at the age of 50, by medical reports. And well, technically there should have been no more to it - except the world wide mourning in the name of the beloved pop star. Tributes were paid to him accordingly, by entertainers and fans world over.

But the ghosts are back to haunt! A site that goes by the name of michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com has been dedicated by two friends, a 28 year old and her friend, Mo, who claim to be investigators of the entire hoax called MJ's untimely end.

Their reasons?

Well apparently the very reporting of the news last year had them sniffing suspiciously. The friends who believe that the entire issue has more to it than meets the eye, have always been skeptical if this entire affair was a mere death stunt pulled off. In their defense to such a preposterous claim, they state that while CNN reports last year had claimed the MJ to be in transient coma, TMZ.com reported that the pop star was dead some 6 minutes before the doctors confirmed as much. A contradiction they point out, if no more. But because that is barely substantial evidence to declare that the world famous celebrity continues to live, these young 'investigators' have gone as far as pronouncing a certain Dave Dave to be 'The Michael' himself.

Which brings us to more about this Dave Dave. Born David Rothenburg, he became a victim of 90% burns at the hands of his frustrated father over the custody of the then 6 year old Dave. This Brooklyn based lad, now a man of 33, claims to have been taken in by MJ, offered refuge, friendship and love. Later on, Dave who has gone on to study Law in Utah, dropped his last name in disgust of the man his father was.

The disputable identity of Dave Dave was brought to light by the web site mentioned above, when the man had appeared in several talk shows, including Larry King's, paying homage to Michael Jackson - the man who remained his trusted caretaker. The web site states that this Dave Dave in fact is the King of Pop MJ himself, who successfully eludes recognition as rendered impossible by the 'burns'.

Whether the entire buzz is true, remains to be determined. But buzz it is, so much that many sites on the internet have now become active grounds for debating the prospect that MJ in fact may yet be alive.

Lawyer Brian Oxman, acting spokesperson on Dave's behalf maintains that law is the last field of study MJ would take up. (A weak argument). Also, the star has left behind a world of fans who would give anything to have him back among themselves - which translates to implying that the star has no reason to hide behind covers. (Of course, at this point one may recall the dubious ways of MJ with kids, in the wake of molestation allegations and all such. Still, to have actually pulled off a lie as this seems greatly improbable).

Web discussions over the matter have gained momentum and heat. If you have opinions about the matter, make sure we know about them! Meanwhile, stay tuned to Bolly Curry for more on this!

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