Mitwa all set for major changes...

Star Plus and BAG Films' Mitwa will see some major twists and new developments in the story track very soon...

Star Plus and BAG Films' Mitwa Phool Kamal Ke will go thro' a major revamp very soon, which will start after a big showdown happens between Birju (Mohit Malhotra) and the family of Bela (Tanvi Bhatia).

The present track focuses on the love life of Bela and Birju, who are on the run. According to our source, "This track will culminate with the much-in-love couple being caught, and a major Panchayat sequence happening where a big twist will take place. It will be interesting to see whether Birju gets to know that he belongs to the lower caste, and whether he will also be killed just like his parents".

The buzz is that Mohit Malhotra will be sidelined in the track to come. "Mohit Malhotra has been throwing tantrums on the sets, and this new development might have come into the picture due to this reason. However, it is certain that after the culmination of this ongoing track, the show will be undergoing some major changes, including the introduction of a new family and a new guy in the life of Bela", informs our source.

Our source further adds, "The Panchayat sequence which is going to be one major scene in the show will also see a death happening. Now it is to be seen whether Birju is totally eliminated from the picture, or he survives the revamp to get back to Bela one fine day. Another option that is left open if Birju does not end up getting killed is that, there might be a love triangle formed with the entry of a new guy in Bela's life".

The Panchayat sequence will be shot this week, and will be aired in the coming week. "After this, will be seen the entry of the new family, and a whole new development in the story track. However, the cast to play the new family has not been finalized yet", adds our source.

When contacted, Ritu Goel, Creative Director BAG Films told us, "There is going to be a major twist in Mitwa, with a death happening very soon".

We talked to Mohit Malhotra who confirmed that there is going to be some new changes happening in the show. "Yes, I have heard that there will be major changes with new entries happening in the next track to come".

When asked him about Birju's possible death or he being sidelined in the next track, the actor said, "Well, all I can tell you is that the story is based on Bela and Birju's love story, and if Birju gets killed, there is nothing left in the show. You never know, Birju might come back with a new image (smiles)".

Ask about him throwing tantrums on sets, and he is quick to say, "Lot many things have been spoken and written, like Tanvi and me not gelling well and we throwing tantrums on the sets. All I can tell you is that this is all not true".

Well, we need to wait and watch whether the Bela-Birju love story survives all the upcoming hiccups or not!!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (6)

flop show getting a major change.

great shows kdmhmd,rkab treated cheaply.
well done sp !!!!!!!!

14 years ago

Ugh. Find someone who cares to watch this crap will ya?

14 years ago

who cares? the show has been a non starter. better take it off and prolly telecast kis des mein/rkab repeats. atleast fans of these shows will be happy.

14 years ago

never mind... never watch the serial....

14 years ago

well, they could bring Birju's maternal family that was from upper caste and have a showdown with bela's family

14 years ago

Seriously, Now I know that Y so many BD were used in his scene...He was a Tantrum

Hope they dont bring another Bhanu

14 years ago

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