Mirch Masala in Jjhoom India

Jjhoom India, Sahara One's Singing Reality show seems to be in the news for all the wrong reasons! Fights on the sets, accusations of unprofessionalism and more.. Read on to find out what happened on the sets.

Jjhoom India really seems to excel in the parameters of reality shows. The amount of drama that unravels on this Sahara One show is always huge. Yesterday’s recording saw Sachin Tyagi assaulting his make up artists, to an extent that one of them suffered a finger fracture. Although Tyagi tried to defend his action on the grounds that the puff, the make-up guys were using on him was unhygienic, one contestant on terms of anonymity said that Sachin just lost it. Another felt that it was not right on Sachin's part to hit anybody, "He may be stressed out, but that does not mean, he can get physical with anybody.”

The drama did not end there; during the elimination round, Roshini Chopra , vented her spleen at her mentor, Vinod Rathod for his absence from rehearsals. "He is my mentor and it's his job to guide me", argued Roshni. Chavi Mittal agreed with Roshni saying that, "Even I have seen her doing solo riyaaz." Roshni dismissed allegations that she is doing this to win audience sympathy, by asserting that, "I always speak my mind, I have suffered enough due to Vinod's happy-go-lucky attitude, and felt it was time to go public. My plain speaking will also be a lesson to other seniors in the show, who take us actors for granted. Remember, we too have a mouth", she added for good measure. This elimination sequence saw yet another popular face, Sharad Kelkar going out. We tried our best to get his quotes, but he was unavailable for comment.

The Gala performance based on heavy duty songs (Jhankar beats) which was supposed to start at , started well after 10... The late arrival of guest of honour, Anil Kapoor and other issues saw lots of tension on the set. Even the waiting media had lots of fights with the PR present due to the above reason.

Talking about the performances this week, Chavi and Jatin sang ‘Mehendi Lagake Rakhna’, while Shekhar and Sanjivani impressed everybody with ‘Udey Jab Jab Zulfe Teri.’ Sachin Tyagi and Madhushree again got the most points from the judges for ‘Saki Saki' ,while the lowest ranking jodis, Mrinal and Sudesh Bhonsale again got reprimanded for their out of sync rendition of ‘Jay Jay Shiv Shankar’.

Some of the contestant's separately sang Anil Kapoor’s film songs, to which the Bollywood super star danced in his legendary pelvic thrusting fashion.

Anchor Rahul Vaidya sang for the first time, ‘Main Toh Gaya Re’, a song from his upcoming album. Not satisfied with this, the Indian Idol contestant and now anchor, pulled up a surprise on the beautiful Akriti Kakkar (Varun Badola's mentor), by going down on his knees, breaking into a shayri and giving her a rose.

Last but not the least, Roshni Chopra by coming in the safe zone showed that her above outburst was right, and the amount of hard work she was putting in her singing.

Author: Anil Merani

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oh its soo sad he got ousted........................

13 years ago

plz warn us abt spoilers!!now I've already known who's going out :(

16 years ago

oh..although have neevr seen the show but Sharad ouster is shocking indeed!! :O..
Great article anju :D

16 years ago

sharad out.. =(
ohw no..

i love himm & his voice..
weeeeeeeeh =((


16 years ago

aww sharad is out? hehe i luv his voice...lol..in antakshri when he sang joote dedo paise lelo..he was amazing..and that wasnt even professional singing. he roxx..

yay roshni..i admire her spunk :)

16 years ago


16 years ago

hey tfs!
is jhoom india also called mast kalander :S lol?

16 years ago

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