Mercedes for Rahul Vaidya..

The singer cum anchor cum RJ has gifted himself a E class Mercedes on his 21st birthday..

The singer cum anchor and RJ, Rahul Vaidya is on cloud nine after gifting himself a Mercedes recently. He has turned 21 and thought that it would be an ideal gift for him. 

Says Rahul, "I have recently taken a Mercedes E class of black color. I am very excited and happy at the same time to get this car".

He has turned 21 and is eligible to drive his first car. "I have gone through bad times just to fulfill my dream of buying a car. I have done many stage shows without any interest but all is well, now that I have got what I wanted", he adds.

Rahul is looking for an interesting anchoring opportunity on television. "I have anchored before, and am looking out for something different like KBC," he concludes.

Well for Rahul this is definitely time for party with his new car!!

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi


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Thanxx.congratulations to him.

15 years ago

OMGGGG congrtassss rahul!!!!
but its still few months for ur birthday na??? but no sooo happy 4 u!!

15 years ago

hi u r my luv and and l''m new in da sign up my name is Priya and l''m from nz, hamilton . and l like u

15 years ago

Congrats Rahul and Happy Birthday!!!!!

He is really talented and I hope he gets all the success!!!!!

15 years ago

That''s wonderful! At least he is doing well for himself unlike many other reality show singers like Harshit. Wonder what happened to that guy. He had a BRILLIANT voice. Congrats Rahul and very Happy Birthday.

15 years ago

yeah its nice to see that someone who never even imagined to buy a car is now buying Mercedes.Yes it is luck and the almighty who knows everything.

15 years ago

Congo Rahul.....
Wish u all the best....

15 years ago

Poor thing! I feel truly sorry for people who wait their entire lifetime for that ONE chance in B-town. So many dreams held that abeyance for that ONE opportunity...

15 years ago

well he's right in the sense that the media should give him and all the other stars some sort of privacy...and I think his age also has a bit to do with his anger about the situation....but being a star comes with its complications.

so good luck Aditya!~

15 years ago

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