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Mera Naam Karegi Roshan to go off air..

The next show on Zee TV to bite the dust will be Mera Naam Karegi Roshan..

Zee TV's Mera Naam Karegi Roshan which got launched in June has been under the scanner for a while now, but the latest is that the channel has taken a decision to end the show.

We hear that the show will wrap up on December 9th.

Our source says, "The lead actor Sana Sheikh was also replaced recently and we had Amrapali Dubey coming in. We even introduced Gautam Rode as the new male lead in the show. However things did not work out and the ratings did not see a rise. The channel has now decided to call off the show".

TellyBuzz had earlier reported about writer Rajesh Joshi's show Sanskaar Lakshmi to launch soon on Zee TV. Mera Naam Karegi Roshan will make way for this new show.

We tried calling Producer J.D. Majethia but he was busy in a meeting. We even sent a text message to Co-Producer Rahil Qazi, but he did not revert.

We even sent a message to Sukesh Motwani, Fiction Head, Zee TV but we did not get any revert.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


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televisionfan 9 years ago thank goodness.amprapali needs to choose her shows wisely...she has sucha pretty face....always crying...duh
radhika_2001 9 years ago thank god...the story was going r they going to end it though?
zaara10 9 years ago this show got worse and worse, epi to epi... Never lived up to its title! Good riddance!
birju4baby 9 years ago So glad this show is going off air .. I hope Hatsoff comes back with a nice show like Baa,Bahu,Baby or maybe bring jassuben back ... they shud have more confidence in their creations and learn from the success of sasural genda phool
bhavni88 9 years ago good was a flop from day 1..ZEE you need to show strong female leads..why are u still living in the old ages???....

hire some new creatives..who can spin an interesting story..we are tired of the 'old' themes already shown in all your previous shows..
manjha 9 years ago @lv9070 agree with you! the only fiction show i have liked on zee was jab love hua. they should make more shows like that.
lv9070 9 years ago i missed sufi and only watched the initial episodes featuring him.zee should introduce new shows through which we can relate to modern life.they should also start airing the repeats of their old shows like kasam se,dulhaan,saat phere,jab love huaa,
yipee 9 years ago never watched the shopw but guess it ends pretty soon
shivani003 9 years ago Iam so glad. This show was a waste of space! I hope to see Sufi in some new show though. All the best to him
norani 9 years ago It's good that this show is going to be off-air.

Dear ZEE, why must you always depict the lead women in your show as a weak individual with tears always in their eyes, having a yo-yo character saying yes at one point and reverse it to no the next minute, over listening to others surrounding her, giving in to others decision without even thinking about her own needs, sacrificing her own needs for ungrateful people around her, giving priorities to other individual's wish, not thinking straight although she is highly educated and the list goes on. You surely know what is next on the list...... I know it happens in real life but you made it appear that all women are always and forever like that and they are not the changing type.

What should be changed is your thinking ZEE!!

Please, women are not second class human being, they are equal to men in every aspect of life only that men have better physical strength. Don't show women like this anymore. Do you want your wife and daughters to be like them in your serials???
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