Meethi Churis take the crown...

The verdict is out, and it's the Girls who won Zara Nachke Dikha after a dramatic finale on Sunday, September 28 on Star One...

4 months, 23 episodes, many smiles, some tears and loads of dance… The Girl vs Boy war finally came to an end as the girls walked away with the 'Zara Nachke Dikha Champions Trophy.'

For over 11 weeks, the Meethi Churi's displayed consistent performances and in the Grand Finale they literally burnt the dance floor with their electrifying acts in competition to the Tez Talwaar's. With their grace, moves and style, the judges' verdict said that the girls were unarguably the best.

Be it the perfection of Karishma Tanna, the sensuality of Mouny Roy and Narayani Shastri or the vibrant energy of Ashita Dhawan and Delnaaz Paul, the team showcased girl power all the way. In the final 'Face Off Round' Ashita amazed the judges with her incomparable steps through which she beat her toughest opponent, Bakhtyaar Irani.

Along with Malaika Arora Khan and Chunky Pandey, the finale of Zara Nachke Dikha was judged by an additional 3rd judge, masterji Saroj Khan, whose nazar did not miss a single mistake! Apart from top notch acts by the teams, the hosts and the judges; the finale included 3 hours of drama, tears and a huge protest from the Tez Talwaars, which they made to voice their displeasure against the scores. However, the judges stood by their decision and unanimously said that they were very proud of the girls.

Mouni Roy won the best dancer of the series and prize money of 1 lakh. As the team prize, the girls will soon be off for a vacation to Egypt on a couple holiday!

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Chunky Pandey

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Delnaaz Irani

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Malaika Arora

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Narayani Shastri

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Mouni Roy

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Saroj Khan

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Karishma Tanna

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Ashita Dhawan Gulabani

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J Khan

Comments (47)

hahaaaaa shame on the boyz.............the girlz won......Hehe

15 years ago

but it deserve to be taken by tez talwar larke

15 years ago

gals rocked throughout d show they deserved to win

15 years ago

In Tashan round Karishma's routine was pretty repetitive, she copied the entire dance form from the movie song. I know Bakhtiyar does only one dance form but his steps were at least not repetitive and he brought new elements to the routine, yet they declared Karishma the winner. Same thing happened in Face off. Ashita just put up a pouty face, moved her legs as high as she can, waived her hands throughout the routine. Almost 50% of her dance steps were repeat but Bakhtiyar did lot of different things. Like the knee swirls, waltz, hip-hop, some classical also, yet the judges thought Ashita was better. Boys were the clear winners of both Tashan and Face-off rounds. I have serious doubts about Chunkey and Malaika's judging abilities. Saroj favoured the girls immediately she walked into the show. Both Chunky and Malaika were totally hen-pecked by Saroj Khan. Boys did the good thing by walkiing off the stage. They at least kept their dignity. Shame on the judges. Yes, Chunky should change his sex now.

15 years ago

Congrats to the girls, the boys were just pathetic and sore losers...they let their ego get in the way and totally disgraced the art form of dance, the show, their choreographers, the judges, and the audience!

15 years ago

it was full on drama by da boys.......really unexpected & irritating.....they wasted a lot of tym.....bad boys!!

15 years ago

ya the boys were a complete drama
haha it was funny to see that only karan was l the only guy left after the others walked out!

15 years ago

wel..they totally desereved it..i mean after all that drama the boys showed toward losing was just ridiculous..
congrats..meethi churis

15 years ago

congo girls but lol kinda runined it for me cause i havent watched todays epi yet so....

15 years ago

yayy....the girls deserved to win because the boys were too cowards :)

15 years ago

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