Meet the male leads of Rajan Shahi's Swarg...

Rajan Shahi's new show on COLORS will have experienced actor Pracheen Chauhan and two new faces playing the leads...Have the first glance right here...

Rajan Shahi's Directors' Kut which has given viewers two top-rated shows in Sapna Babul Ka ...Bidaai and Yeh Ristha Kya Kehlata Hai is now all set for their third venture on television, Maat Pitaah Ke Charnon Mein Swarg on COLORS launching on 29th June at the 7.30 PM slot.

Continuing with the trend of having a good balance in terms of actors with the right mix of experienced as well as new faces, the production house has yet again roped in a good ensemble cast for the show.

Swarg will have three male leads of which one is an experienced actor while the other two are new faces to television. The Producer Rajan Shahi aptly says, "We would like to continue with the legacy of giving televison and its viewers the stars of tomorrow, just like Angad Hasija, Kinshuk Mahajan and Karan Mehra. Swarg will see an established actor in Pracheen Chauhan who makes a comeback, and to give him company are two new faces Nikhil Chaddha and Dheeraj Dhoopar".

Talking on the three leads of his new show, Rajan continues, "Pracheen is a brilliant actor and I was very keen to work with him. I had told him nearly two years back that when I get a good author-backed role, he will be my first choice. This role of Shubh Tripathi, the eldest of the brothers is tailor-made for him".

On Nikhil Chaddha, who essays the role of Arjun, the second son of the Tripathi family, Rajan Shahi states, "We had auditioned hundreds of new faces for this role, but the moment I saw Nikhil I knew that he would suit the role to the 'T'. He has a very different face, look and feel and this will go well with the complex and intense character he is playing in the show. Nikhil has been undergoing intense grooming from Girish Dhanija, Script Supervisor of the show. He is also receiving guidance from Amardeep Jha who also plays a very important character in Swarg".

But, all was not a bed of roses for Dheeraj Dhoopar who plays the youngest of the brothers."I would say that luck favored Dheeraj as he had auditioned for the same role once and was rejected. I found him to be very raw earlier, but after a month or so, the young lad called me again and requested me to give him another chance to prove his mettle. We had also not got our perfect choice for the role, and this time I decided to take the look test of the lad. And to my astonishment, he showed a remarkable improvement and I selected him to play the youngest of the brothers, Ansh Tripathi. Ansh is the pampered son of the family, a very cute and lovable boy and the naughtiest of the brothers", explains Rajan.

Well, there is a curiosity amongst viewers on the story line and how the characters are etched in Rajan Shahi's new show!!

All we can say is that the countdown has begun, and we will soon see how the story unfolds...

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Karan Veer Mehra

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Angad Hasija

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Comments (11)

Cool...But the Show Sounds Boring Unlyk Bidaai and YRKKH! :(

14 years ago

didnt pracheen play Antkrish or something in Sindoor?

14 years ago

Oooh lala Dheeraj looks cute. hehe.
All the best for the new venture! XD

14 years ago

Looking forward to this show. Good Luck to all Cast and Crew.

14 years ago

good luck with the show.. it will be a hit for an year..

14 years ago

I am Sure that Swarg will be just as good as Yeh Rishta and Bidai ..

and i Know that these Actors will prove them selves to be capable, After all Rajan Sir knows what he's doing, and he must have thought of something when he chose them ...

anyways good look to them and Rajan sir .. and the Entire Sawrg team, hopefully it does good

14 years ago

wow!!m lukn fwd 2 d wud hav been betta if dey revealed der female lead!!:)

14 years ago

true rajan shahi shows r always a must watch...definitely looking forward it too

14 years ago

a rajan shahi show is a must watch all the time...i hv got to have a grab to this one too!!

14 years ago

WOWWWWWWW, interessting, Rajan Shahi's shows rock, they r the best.............

14 years ago

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