Angad Hasija thanks Rajan Shahi for supporting him, calls him a father figure

Angad Hasija, who is currently seen in Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gayi, feels that though luck matters a lot in the industry, destiny plays a huge role too.

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Angad Hasija
Angad Hasija thanks Rajan Shahi

Angad Hasija, who is currently seen in Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gayi, feels that though luck matters a lot in the industry, destiny plays a huge role too. He remembers the time when he auditioned for his debut role in Sapna Babul Ka… Bidaai and says he was destined to play the part.

“From what I understand from my personal experience, luck does matter, and it's everything. I truly believe that. When I talk about my career, one of the biggest examples I have is from the time I auditioned for Bidaii. I remember when Rajan Shahi Sir saw me for the first time and watched my audition, he flat out said that I couldn't play that role. He felt it wasn't suitable for me, and it's not something I liked hearing. But luckily, it was meant for me, it was my destiny to do that work,” he said.

“Now, before I joined Bidaii and started working, I gave it my all, worked really, really hard. But if I hadn't gotten that chance, what would have happened? Destiny plays a big role, not just in acting but in every field. Even if you're opening a small shop, destiny is important because sometimes, only one shop out of many thrives while the others struggle. So, destiny and luck play a very important role in all of our lives,” he added.

He also credited producer Rajan Shahi for supporting him in the early days of his career and appreciating his efforts.

“When Rajan Shahi sir initially rejected me for the role, the channel insisted they wanted Angad because they felt he was more suitable. But when I joined Bidaii, it turned out to be lucky because it was meant to happen. After that, Rajan sir appreciated me a lot. He was the first one to support me as an actor, which is something producers don't often do. He wrote me a very beautiful personal message, even though I was a newcomer who had never faced a camera before. He said, ‘Angad, you're a very good actor. You will go far. Your future is very bright because your telecast is the next day.’ It was such a beautiful message Rajan sir sent me, and I feel truly blessed to have received it,” he said.

“I also believe in destiny and luck because good people, good friends, and good producers come into your life as a result of fate. Having good co-stars and doing good work are all part of the game of destiny. I believe in luck and destiny 100% in this regard,” he added. 

Angad also thanked Rajan Shahi for teaching him valuable lessons about the industry, like goodwill.

“Goodwill is very important, and I learned this during my schooling at Director's Kut Productions with Rajan Sir. I was 19 when I joined Director's Kut Productions for Bidaai, and I always listened to Rajan Sir's every word with great focus. I considered him a father figure, and everything he taught me has been invaluable until today. Wherever I work, people tell me that I have a lot of patience and don't create problems. I attribute this to my schooling at Director's Kut Productions because Rajan Sir always taught me to never trouble anyone. He taught me to endure difficulties myself but never trouble others. And if you're not troubling others, they'll never trouble you. I've seen this firsthand, and of course, I still follow his famous line: ‘Actor 19-20 chal jata hai lekin kharab insaan kabhi nahi chalega.’” he said.

“So, your goodwill, your behavior, and how you treat people, whether it's in production or with actors or anyone outside, it's very important to be a good person. Acting and all are important, but even then, people will only work with you if they like you. So, behavior and goodwill are crucial because they pave the way for your future. I've been in this industry for 18 years now, and thankfully, I've been continuously working. It's all because of the relationships I've built, the love I've received. So, it's a very important aspect,” he ended.

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