Meet the 11th Jodi in Nach Baliye...

As Nach gets tougher, the channel has decided to introduce an 11th Jodi into the competition. After a week long suspense, the 11th Jodi is revealed.. Wanna know whether it is your favorite real-life pair? Get checking...

After getting the top three Jodi’s and a wild card Jodi, all eyes are now eagerly waiting to watch Jodi No.11 on Nach Baliye. Just a week before, it was announced that a Jodi No.11 will now be joining the dance floor along with the other existing Jodi’s and to all our surprises, the Jodi No.11 is – Indraneil Sengupta and his Baliye Barkha Bisht. After creating a magic on television as Radha and Shyam, Indraneil and Barkha are all set to rock the stage of Nach Baliye.

Owing to his busy schedule, Indraneil Sengupta was unavailable for comments, but his Baliye Barkha Bisht shared her Nach experience with our Telly Buzz reporter, Anu.  “We have already started our practice and its real fun. I love dancing, and so it’s quite easy for me. But Indraneil has to work a lot. He is not much into dancing, and so he does lot of rehearsing. But I feel happy that we are getting time to spend together. We are enjoying it and have had a good experience so far”.

Do you think the other Jodi’s will accept this new entry? “Hopefully they will accept us. After all, we are friends. I know Aamir-Sanjeeda and Karan-Amita very well. Its true that this is a competition, and everyone are aiming for the Nach Baliye trophy, but hope that they will accept us as finally we all work in the same field and are very good friends”, says Barkha.

Viewers have already had their favorites. So, how well do you think you will be able to connect to the viewers? “Yes it’s going to be tough as we are entering when there are top 4 Jodi’s in the contest. The viewers have been watching them for long and even the judges know them well. But we as a Jodi too have our fans and we should be able to make that connection. But it’s not going to be that easy", says a confident Barkha.

So, what will be the reaction of other Jodi’s? Will this Jodi make it to the top and grab the title? Or how far will they reach in the competition? This is surely something to be watched out for!!

Reporter: Anu.Rad
Author: Anu.Rad

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Barkha Bisht Sengupta

Comments (39)

I agree with whoever thinks its unfair to bring this jodi at this point of the show not only does this jodi have the opportunity to join in very close to end but also to the other jodis who have been working hard for such a long tima and have come so far and close to the victory but the creatives have again pulled them a step back by adding this jodi :S

16 years ago

dun like the jodi..
n Itz unfair to make sum1 enter in Nach Baliye at this point...

16 years ago

O my!!!.My Barkha Neil are back again!!!..I cant express my joy!!!..My cup of joy is over flowing right now!!!!

16 years ago

thats so cool Bharka & Indraneil missed after Pyar Ke Do Naam-Ek Radha Ek Shyam ended.

they should have came from the beginning of the show well better late then never...

16 years ago

wat the hell, isnt krishna and kashmira jodi no.11??...plzz let me know ppl, pm or just post it here, plzz


16 years ago

Omggg!!! They are entering Nache Baliye, love this couple and can't wait to watch how they dance!!!

16 years ago

ek dum bkwaas hain dono vaise bhi jo bhi nach ma in ho ya out final contdown to ofcourse Rakhi Abhishake & Amir Sanjeda ma hi hoga.

16 years ago

omg.... they are joining in
barkha and indraneil :D
cnt wait to watch them perform

16 years ago

thats gr8
they r fav
i hope they WIN
best of luck indraniel n barka

16 years ago

wowwwwww !!!
im sure they'll do gud!!

16 years ago

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