Meet Pratik Shukla, the new Raghav

Pratik Shukla, the new Raghav in Sahara One's Shubh Kadam is thrilled to get his first major break..

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We had reported earlier that Pratik Shukla will be replacing Asmit Kaushik as lead in Sahara One's supernatural thriller Shubh Kadam, produced by Cinevistaas.

Pratik will enter the show on 11th February as Raghav. The new face who is from Allahabad had been struggling to get into the industry for the past one year, and is now happy with the debut vehicle he has got.

"There is not much difference between Raghav and me. We are almost the same when it comes to behavior and nature. I feel great to get such a big break after a year's struggle", says Pratik.

Talking in detail about his character he quips, "He is a mom's boy and has recently got married. Now Raghav is in a dilemma and does not know whether to support his wife Pratha or his mom. My mom keeps taunting her and this makes me tense".

When asked how he has prepared for this character, the actor states, "I have seen few of the earlier episodes and have also got the narration from the creative. It was not that difficult to get into the skin of the character because as I said earlier, Raghav is very much like me".

Pratik is a graduate from Allahabad University. "After completing my studies, I came to Mumbai to try my luck with acting. Before this I have also walked the ramp", he concludes.

All we can say is that Pratik has gotten himself 'Luck By Chance'!!

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i liked the earlier one ....

anyways all the best to him

15 years ago

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