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Meet and Explore With Your Favourite Nicktoon Dora - The Explorer

To celebrate this Children’s Day, Nick Jr. has planned for activities to give kids a platform to play and explore all through November.

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To celebrate this Children's Day, Nick Jr. has planned for activities to give kids a platform to play and explore all through November.

Starting with Nick Jr. presents the Kid town Fair', scheduled on November 9 and 10, 2013 10.30 am to 7.30 pmat the World Trade Centre, Cuffe Parade Nick Jr. promises to take the kids on a celebratory high.

The 2-day fair has over 70 stalls with loads of fun workshops and products ranging from home decor, bath collections, personal accessories and art & crafts kits. The kids will also get a chance to participate in games and spend time with their favourite toon Dora - The Explorer'. And if that's not all... kids can indulge in a lot of interesting activities right from indoor gardening, acting and modeling to even storytelling, all under one roof while their parents are away on a shopping spree. Kids also stand a chance to win exclusive Nickelodeon goodies too.

So head to Nick Jr. presents Kid Town Fair at The World Trade Centre, Mumbai with your Toddlers for a fun-filled weekend!



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anamikaranbykpr 10 years ago Hate you haters the girls crossed their limits its a father anger love you ranbir
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ranbirkprfan1 10 years ago Those who are bad mouthing ranbir and kapoor are such a **** if these two stupid girls makes fun of ranbir personal life its nt acceptable....ranbir rockz
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aczc 10 years ago kapoors grow up.can anyone send the message to them.
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^orpita^ 10 years ago I agree with you @ Mango_people
honsetly there should be some professionalism!! its just a talk show n those girls shared their opinion so what ? what makes the difference in it?? does it change what Ranbir actually is?? dont get it why parents r involving in it, so ya Ayan go for Shahid he is even Better in every way ;)
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soapsick 10 years ago ayaan should get the mallya boy to replace ranbir, his dad will even finance the flick so double faida =))

jks apart, the girls were good fun on the show, deepika is obviously quite sore and isn't able to hide it but hey, at least she didn't pull at the guy's hair =)) though I wish she'd just stop talking about ranbir... u got a new ''friend'' girl! go thank god for it and let bygones be bygones

as for the kapoors, idiots! i can't believe the budda buddi are going crazy over such a petty issue! hope ayaan choses sensibly and gets another guy to make the film with dharma and it goes on to become a blockbuster, ranbir will knock sense into mummy daddy's heads and go crawling back to k'jo and actually ''do anything for him'' =))
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Mango_people 10 years ago Kapoors' loss totally... That ranbir cant act, and rishi's "protection" doesn't help his career one bit. Go ahead Ayan, cast Shahid inplace of ranbir.. trust me, that movie'll be a bigger hit.
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-Jahnvi- 10 years ago stop protecting your son like he's a bubble that'll pop if touched! he's an adult and very much capable to making his own right or wrong decisions!
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sana.samir 10 years ago o_O who gives a damn about what actors do off-screen...

Rishi- your son is a grown man, not a 5 year old.. Stop 'protecting' him X(
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lilmzsunshine 10 years ago Much as it's more of Kapoor family loss, I salute Rishi for sticking up for his son like this.

If a father wouldn't stick up for his son at this point in life, when would he?

And I don't care what Ranbir does off camera, much as I'm not a fan of playboys and the types, I like even less when ppl come behind public camera and bad mouth others.

So it wasn't very lady like for these ladies to do what they did, and therefore, regardless of the reasoning behind their act, as it was done publicly Rishi also went and publicly made a stmt taking sides.

Kudos to him for siding with his son, and making this an issue. KJo should have known better than to bring two exes of one guy on a show given that they'd be bad mouthing them. He gets to edit his shows, he coulda prevented the airing the way it happened.

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psycho_angel 10 years ago LOL every news awesome? Big smile
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