Mayank Anand's 'Love from the Sidelines'...

Mayank Anand, the actor cum writer has finally got a publisher for his book.

Mayank Anand, Dr. Rahul in Star One's Dill Mill Gayye is on cloud nine these days, as he has finally managed to get a publisher for his book.

Talking about this, Mayank says, "Yes, my book will be published in a month or two. It will be published by Lead Start Publications under the banner of Frog Book. The title of the book is 'Love from the Sidelines'".

When asked him about the great feeling, the actor quips, "It's an awesome feeling to get your first book published. I am now working on the cover page with my designer. We have jotted down many ideas for the cover, one of them being that I put one of my paintings there. But we have not decided on anything yet".

The buzz is that Mayank's contract with the popular show Dill Mill Gayye is about to end. When we asked him about the future of Dr. Rahul, he states, "Yes, it is true that my contract with them is getting over. However, I don't have any idea on the status of my character. But I think that I will continue with them".

We wish the actor cum writer all the very best for his new publication!!

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair


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Mione 10 years ago Its an awesome book.
Mayank i must say ur an All-Rounder.

Love you loaaddssss!!!
sweet.melody 10 years ago He has written one heck of a book!! It is sooo good!! And the women's pov he managed sooooo well!! Love you Mayank!! :) hope to see your next book on stands soon!! and Love from the Sidelines in everyone's hands and on top of the bestseller list!!
Asad-Kii-Arzoo 11 years ago Mayank plzz clear out d rumours dat u r leaving dmg..plzz dnt leave plzz....
Nadz_YuNalover 11 years ago This content is hidden.
Sony_1234 11 years ago i dont see any future for RM. even if they put any twists, RM are always side characters. i want rahul to quit form DMG and do a new role with full length character
Sweet baby
Sweet baby 11 years ago i hope he stay n DMG ......... & i wish him all the best for his new publication ^_^

Thanks ^^
caprigurl 11 years ago Hope he stays, he is so much fun in the gang yet sensible....and plus as Muskaan's Rahul he is irreplaceable.
yamini lovs ksg
yamini lovs ksg 11 years ago This content is hidden.
roshnirj 11 years ago This content is hidden.
Forever_Komal 11 years ago luv you!

is this book available over seas??? and mayank! best of luck! Glad that you are staying in DMG, dont leave!
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