Mauli Dave spills the beans on her relationship with Aditya Narayan

Catch the 'Mayya Mayya' girl Mauli Dave on the Best of SaReGaMaPa Challenge 2007, 0n Zee Muzic, Wednesday & Thursday, 19th & 20th December, 8:00 pm


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In a mood for confessions, Mauli Dave tells Shraddha Nigam how life on the sets of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa changed her life. Touted as the ‘Indian Shakira’ by Bappi Da, the charmer talks of her special friendship with Amanat Ali. While she tells you who she thought of as her brother on the show, she also reveals her latest crush. Catch her as she finally spills the beans on what was brewing between chocolate boy Aditya Narayan and her!

For all this and more, watch The Best of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge 2007, Zee Muzic, Wednesdays & Thursdays, 8:00 pm.


Shraddha Nigam Amanat Ali

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sweet_angel27 12 years ago so is there something between mauli and adi that sucks aditya is amzing
no1 kuri
no1 kuri 12 years ago p my god i ws tryin it on adi. oh wel mauli n adi do not match
pooja_l 12 years ago Aditya can be with her anybody but not her ya she is a good singer but if u take my suggestion it shouldn't be her apart from she is tall everything between her and AAdi seems to be mismatched
**sanya** 12 years ago ou kwl
but the fing is i cant watch it tomorrow cos am celebratin eid
SonPan 12 years ago Can someone plz record this episode!! PLZ!!
queen999 12 years ago omg mauli and aditiiya...she is sooo tall and he is small and cute like a baby..

tangina r
tangina r 12 years ago omggg i cant wait!!!!
i thought its next wekk but it tody nd tomorrow i wont be able to watch it im ssooo mad!!!!!!!!
divzzhere 12 years ago backkk offfff mauliii!!!!:@:@....hezz mineee, adi is minee!!!!!

desigrl27 12 years ago Heyy can someone please PM me the link to this when it happens? Is this the same thing as B News on Zee that comes on Sundays at 8??
maha786 12 years ago gr8 article thx so much cant wait to know is there really something b/w her and aditya
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